Monday, June 17, 2013

PH WCQ Results

A big congrats to our back-to-back WCQ Champion Irwin Arogo! The Top 8 cut was full of big names in Philippine Yugioh after a grueling 7-round swiss of 102 players. Final results are as follows:

1st: Irwin Arogo (Dragons) 6-1 swiss
2nd: Junjun Agoto (Prophecy) 6-1 swiss
3rd: Armyn Villanueva (Dragons) 7-0 swiss
4th: Chito Racimo (Prophecy) 6-1 swiss
Edsel Gozon (Prophecy) 6-1 swiss
Alvin Lim (Mermail) 6-1 swiss
Roy Gonzales (Dragons) 6-1 swiss
William Sy (Bujin) 5-2 swiss

Special congrats to Irwin's team Asiong for getting half of the top 8 placings.

The top cut was very tight as getting X-2 generally means you wont make it to top 8. Lots of ppl disagreed as everyone expected a Top 16 cut but maybe it would have been for the better so only the best scorers gets the chance for the championship. Less non meta decks to top too.

Well, here's my matchups for the event.

Round1: vs Dragons 0-x-0
g1 = Went first and proceeded to complete the Jowgen Kycoo puzzle.  He used Heavy Storm and Book of Moon for my Jowgen when I chained Lance to Storm. He summon Tidal from a baby then forget he cannot attack with it and got nothing else to do.
g2 = Took a 1st turn EEV. I chained Judgment and dropped Batel but he got Veiler too. I was left with Soul Drain so I was still ok but he got MST after a lil' while.
g3 = Puzzle complete.

Round2: vs Machina Gadget 0-x-0
g1 = He got no backrow while I didnt have Spellbooks that can combo so I just made a Blader to kill his Gadget and stop his Fortress with BTH to stop any Xyz that would try to take down Blader.
g2 = He had Droll to stop me after I added Sefer with Batel and didn't have any other good spellbooks left. Took Storm and lost to too much advantage. He spams King Feral Imp and Giganto each turn lol.
g3 = Puzzle complete.

Round3: vs. 4-axis Fire Fist 0-0-
g1 = He tried sharking me (long story) but in the end... puzzle complete.
g2 = Lots of passing around (drew Fate+Fate+Sefer again) and setting monsters. By the time he set a 2nd monster I realize the 1st one could be Morphing Jar #2 so I also set my bad-drawn Jowgen. His turn he flipped and indeed it was Jar. So my Jowgen went back to the deck and was replaced by a Batel. After a while he was down by a lot of resources while I had lots.

Round4: vs. Prophecy 0-0-
g1 = Both our Batels got Veiler'd. But I have Kycoo early and he didn't have something to go against it.
g2 = Droll'd him. I had 2 Judgments drawn so I used 1 and a Secrets then he uses Droll too. I just set the other Judgment with Book of Moon to use in his turn. He wasn't able to come as I showed me he drew 2 Crescents in his first 6 cards. That's why I prioritize to side this card out when I side in non-Spellbook cards. Less consistency but less card conflicts.

Round5: vs. 3-axis Fire Fist 0-x-0
g1 = Puzzle complete.
g2 = He spammed a lot in his turn while I had no Maxx C or Veiler so he got an overwhelming advantage against my mediocre draw.
g3 = Puzzle complete.

Round6: vs. Dragons 0-x-x
g1 = Puzzle complete.
g2 = Puzzle complete but he toppled it using Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, and Blaster. Sad. But I thought it couldnt be possible that would happen again.
g3 = Drew Fate+Fate+Wisdom+MST. No monsters but I got Soul Drain and Solemn Judgment. I set both traps. His turn he set 2 cards also. My turn I drew Judgment Day.  His turn he uses Star Sword, I chain Drain, he chain his set MST, I chain Solemn. After he drew he uses the other set MST to destroy Drain. He made Big Eye and set EEV. I drew Jowgen and he uses EEV. I summon Kycoo from deck and summoned Jowgen from hand. His turn he passed. My turn I drew Soul Drain. I felt I won already but his turn he used Dark Hole and proceeded to kill me using the baby dragons. Felt so sad about my luck compared to his.

Round7: vs. Mermail 0-0-
g1 = Puzzle complete.
g2 = He made Gaios and Kappa but I had Dark Hole then locked him out.

Top8: vs. Chito (Prophecy) x-0-x
g1 = He went first and he had everything set up. Star Hall and the puzzle.
g2 = My hand only had Secrets and Judgment useful so I got no choice but to do it. He didnt have Droll so I got early advantage. Game took so long with me winning using 3 Kycoos (1 is his that I got using Puppet) and a Star Hall with 15 counters. Time was called.
g3 = Last 3 turns :( He went first and used Judgment and Secret to add Wisdom then I use Droll. He summon Kycoo and set Wisdom. I summon Batel to Secrets that added Sefer but he used Droll to end my searching. I set Judgment, Wisdom, Sefer, and activated Star Hall. His turn I activated Judgment and he did a lot to summon Jowgen at end phase while also damaging me using his Kycoo. My turn I drew Veiler. My hand got 8 Spellbooks but all was useless since it was my last turn and I needed to inflict more that 1300 dmg to him. Tried to pump my Batel using Star Hall and Power but his last set card was a 2nd Wisdom. gg

If only I got more time I could have stalled and waited til I was able to get rid of his Kycoo since he only got 2 cards left in his hand while I got 8+. Well, cant do anything about that.

Here's my decklist..

Im so sleepy now so maybe I'll just edit this with my comments about this list later night.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I thought you'd choose to main drolls rather than maxx c. XD

    1. Drolls become useless when opponent Prophecy is too careful

  2. Son of Men, never despair infront of defeat! Defeat is key to victory!

    1. Smells like a troll.

      But yeah, he got a point. Defeat shows room for improvement. Nice post eds.

  3. are there posts for the other decklists of the other winners? just like for the 1st place? :)

  4. Does anyone happen to have William Sy's Bujin Deck List?