Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween everyone!

There've been no tournament last Sunday due to most people preparing to go to the provinces to visit cemeteries. However, the Saturday tournaments still went on and gave 3 more invites for the Store Championships. There's a total of 13 persons with invites now. lol, 13? What a coincidence.

Going back to the halloween topic. 

Im thinking of what card can represent the season while also being a good card in the meta.
I came up with... Spirit reaper!

So why Spirit reaper? Here's a few points:
(how did this post become a card review? lol)

Useful against the Agent matchup somewhat when they got Kristya down. Most likely they wont have an out to it in their main deck.

A cool LV3 monster that can survive on its own. Its very useful when bringing out Trishula, Brionac, Leviair, or even Acid Golem.

Ryko > destroy monster > summon Reaper > direct attack.
I so like this combo in the early game. BTH usually just sits. Veiler cant do anything to it unless they use it on Ryko. lol. bad move.

Also, the Reaper is one of the favorite mascots of Halloween! There's lots of version of him. The common black robe + Scream mask. The grotesque Shinigami of Death Note. The characters in Bleach. And also a funny Reaper with big hands in Soul Eater!

I guess, that sums up this post. Thanks for reading and enjoy your vacation!

Saturday, October 29, 2011



10000-view milestone in 3 months! Thanks to everyone who have been reading the blog especially to my fellow Filipino duelists! 

Hoping the blog can reach the next 100000 milestone! (How many years would it take? lol)
People here have been talking about putting up duel videos again and passing winning decklists to Shriek's blog. I can accomodate and post here but I think the best is to post the decklists on Shriek while the videos go here. Btw, William will be the one doing vids. I'll just leech it from him when he's done, xD

Here's a few sample videos made by him. (more at his YouTube channel here)

Plenty of lulz in this vid.

Here's a vid of me dueling (im the psychic/plant player)

Again, thanks to everyone and keep on reading! ^^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Updates: Black Luster and Light Pulsar

Nope, dont be mislead but BLS is not revamped or anything BUT...

At last, I got my own Asia Black Luster Soldier!

And its in MINT condition! Yeah

Thanks to my friend Roy for scouting the card and sharing the costs with me. I can now make decks with the card without worrying whether or not I can borrow someone's BLS before a tournament. lol

So onto a real update!

Light Pulsar Dragon's translations were said to be off before. The "If... you can..." trigger was said to be translated incorrectly and in reality it is a "When... you can...".

This update means that Light Pulsar now actually misses its timing when it is...
  • Tributed
  • Used a synchro material
  • Destroyed in the middle of a chain
And also... the FTK/OTK involving Light Pulsar Dragon and Cannon Soldier is now a bust.

However, this is also unconfirmed. Nothing is yet.

EDIT: The revamp is now official!

This image shows that the text trigger really is a

"When... you can..."

and not a...

"If... you can..."

Thus, goodbye Light Pulsar FTK!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deck distribution per block of last tournament

Here's a deck distribution per block of the tournament in my last post.

Also with it is their total score accumulated after 7 rounds of round robin. Red names means they made it to top 4.


TERENCE (Chaos Lightlord) – 14 Points
KARLO (Chaos Lightlord) – 14 Points
PONGZ (Chaos Samurai) – 13 Points
ROY (Junk Doppel) – 13 Points
ECKZ (Monarch) – 9 Points
DWAINE (Gate Hero) – 8 Points
MIKE (Junk Doppel) – 7 Points
HANIE (Vayu Lightlord) – 6 Points


ALVIN (Junk Doppel) – 16 Points
EDSEL (Junk Doppel) – 14 Points
WILLIAM (Six Samurai) – 14 Points
RAMPY (Agent Angel) – 14 Points
BRIAN (Junk Doppel) – 9 Points
JUNLY (Machina Gadget) – 8 Points
JEFF (Gusta) – 7 Points
CHALDEAN (Dark World) – 0 Points

Junk Doppel = 5
Lightlord = 3
Six Samurai =  2
Agent Angel = 1
Hero = 1
Monarch = 1
Gusta = 1
Dark World = 1
Machina Gadget = 1

Just a quick update for my previous post.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tengu Junk Doppel: 9-round tournament is tiring but fun!

Sorry, its not actually a 9-round Swiss tournament but a 8-player Round Robin tournament with a cut to Top 4.

Yesterday I joined a tournament organized by fellow players which was planned to give away a PSP if attendance reached 30 players. However, only 16 persons showed up (although many were invited and agreed to come) so it was decided that the cash pool collected from the entrance fees would be the prize.

Swiss format should have been used however we only had 16 players. Eliminations would have been too short. So they split the players into 2 blocks and held a round robin point system. The 4 players from both blocks with the highest points will get to play into the Top 4.

Point system is as such:
2-0 = 3 points
2-1 = 2 points
1-2 = 1 point
0-2 = 0 point

Open format is applied for card pool. Therefore, promos and TCG exclusives are allowed.

Deck used: Tengu Junk Doppel
Block: B (so unlucky as this block includes both Philippine Champions: Alvin Lim and William Sy)

Round1: vs. Alvin Lim (Debris Junk Doppel)
G1 = Was able to make Lib+Formula earlier than him. I was able to take game with Brionac to return his Catastor and DAD with my BLS killing two Doppel tokens.
G2 = He set a monster. Had cards to make Quasar but I set my Bulb first coz I can use Foolish Burial for Spore so that if he does have Crow when I target Spore with Junk Synchron I can still make the Lib+Formula. He flipped Ryko, Bulb get destroyed, he summoned Kycoo and banished bulb! My turn I tried to make the combo but he has Crow for Spore! Despair scoop.
G3 = Was able to make Lib+Drill. He made a Trishula and removed Doppel in GY. Drill took back a useless Junk Synchron but didn't have any nontuner in GY. My hand had DAD and BLS but was lacking 1 DARK for DAD and 1 LIGHT for BLS, lol. I misplayed when I didnt run over his Raioh with Drill Warrior. He was able to use that as nontuner to take the game.
Result = 0-x-x
Total Score = 1 point

Round2: vs. Rampy (Agent Angel)
G1 = He took Soul Release with Duality in his 1st turn and was able to play around it.
G2 = Stopped 2 Venuses in consecutive turns with 2 Maxx Cs. But Banisher sealed my off.
G3 = Another misplay! T_T He had Venus, Banisher, and a set card while I had BLS and Veiler in hand. BLS was successfully summoned but I attacked and rammed into Mirror Force. Too greedy as I thought I can kill two cards since I dont need to worry about Honest coz of Banisher. Forgot about MF.
Result = 0-x-x
Total Score = 2 points

Round3: vs. Debris Junk Doppel
G1 = He used Foolish+Debris to make Stardust Dragon on his 1st turn. I did Quasar+Drill on mine.
G2 = He had 1 card in hand and 4 tokens with Bulb in GY. Underestimated his hand card so I went all out with Scrap Dragon and BLS to wipe his tokens out. His turn he used Dark Hole. lol wasted 1 point
G3 = Maxx "C" and Crow killed his combos.
Result = 0-x-0
Total Score = 4 points

Round4: vs. Gusta
G1 = Lonefire+Reborn into Trish removed his cards.
G2 = Again, Trishula wrecked havoc.
Result = 0-0-
Total Score = 7 points 

Round5: vs. William Sy (Six Samurai)
G1 = He had Samurais and 2 sets. MST'd one backrow and baited out his Divine Warning with Drill Warrior.Then, I made Lib+Formula into Trishula and win.
G2 = Misplay again. sigh. Should have killed his Kageki instead of Kizan. I was afraid of Trish/Brionac even though I had BTH and Veiler in hand. He made Shien + Dimensional Fissure and I was sealed.
G3 = Godly draw. lol. He made Shien + a samurai and 2 backrows. I MST, he negated. I used Heavy Storm. He had Double-Edge and Warning where my previous MST targeted the latter. After that, I used Dark Hole! Haha, sorry William.
Result = 0-x-0
Total Score = 9 points

Round6: vs. Dark World
G1 = He set a card. I made Lonefire+Reborn into Trishula and removed his f/d Sangan and his DW Scarr in hand. His turn he activated his field and set a monster. My turn made Lib+Formula+Drill.
G2 = It was late and he needed to go so he gave me the win. Lucky!
Result = 0-0-
Total Score = 12 points!

Round7: vs. Junely (Machina Gadget)
G1 = Got my worst hand of Quickdraw, Doppel, Bulb, Veiler, and another card. Why worst hand? Coz I still cant find space in my extra deck for Nitro Warrior. He was first and took BTH from Duality. I used Veiler on his Gearframe. I set bulb. He made Merrowgeist. Tried to summon Gorz next turn but he had Warning. scoop.
G2 and G3 = Again the place we were playing at was getting dark (we were outdoors, on a public park) so he agreed to let me win so that I can still have a chance at playoffs.
Result = x-0-0
Total Score = 14 points!

Me, William, and Rampy all tied to 4th place. Getting so dark now so we decided to gamble on who'll get the spot with a roll of 3 dice.

William went first and got: 1-1-2! Total: 4! haha
Rampy rolled and got: 5-1-1! Total: 7! 
I took my chance and got: 5-2-3! Total: WIN!

Haha, looks like my luck is starting to roll! Next is top 4 playoffs with a roster of 2 Lightlord decks and 2 Junk Doppel decks. We decided to split the prize so that everyone from top 4 can have something.

Semis: vs. Karlo (Lightlord)
G1 = Was able to make Tengu+One for One into Lib+Catastor+Tengu to kill his Lumina+Garoth. However, he got Gorz when Lib attacked. His turn he summoned Garoth and his Gorz attacked Lib, Garoth killed Tengu, but he forgot his token cant get over Catastor. My turn I tried to attack Garoth with Catastor but he used Gardna. Looks like he had Celestia so I used Junk to get Ryko to make Decisive Armor with Catastor. Summoned what I could and dumped my hand to use its effect and he had Celestia and 2 JDs. win!
G2 = Forgot how I won... maybe Quasar or advantage through Lib+Formula?
Result: 0-0-

Finals: vs. Alvin (Debris Junk Doppel)
G1 = Made Quasar 1st turn but didnt draw into Avarice so almost all my Synchros are in the GY.  His turn he dump some cards along BF-Zephyros with Trooper. He returned Trooper, summoned Zeph in def and set 3 cards. My turn he used Trap Dustshoot. He used Torrential when I was making Trish and I negated it. Trish removed his other f/d (CotH), and his Tragoedia in his hand. I attacked Zeph with Trish, and attacked directly with Quasar but he had Gorz! Wow, 4000 ATK token in def. I attacked Gorz and ended. Coz of the token the game dragged on. I was seriously blaming myself why I dont have Shooting Star in my extra. He rammed the token into Quasar and I was left with a f/d Ryko. I was hoping for an Avarice so that my synchros are recycled but drew Tengu; attacked with it and destroyed his f/d card with Ryko. His turn he made Lib and ran over Tengu. I summoned another. My turn I tributed Ryko and Tengu to summon Gorz and attacked Lib. His turn he set a card each. My turn drew Veiler and made Scrap Dragon with Gorz. He used MST to my stuck CotH. Got no feed for the dragon so I summoned Quickdraw to destroy his set Veiler and made a direct attack dropping him to 200 LP. His turn he finally drew nothing and I won. Yey. Stressed!
G2 and G3 = It was starting to rain so we agreed to split the prizes of the 1st and 2nd place.

Final Result: 1st-2nd place
Went home with +500% of the entrance fee! It looks not much but it is already large considering the number of players that participated and the split of the cash pool before top 4.

Alvin Lim is really a formidable and a great duelist. Who would have thought someone would survive a 1st-turn-Quasar and almost won? Dueling him twice in one afternoon was so tiring but it was fun.

Here's a decklist of what I used:

Monsters: 26
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1 Gorz
1 Tragoedia
2 Junk Synchron
2 Quickdraw Synchron
2 Doppelwarrior
1 Dandylion
1 Grow-up Bulb
1 Spore
1 Lonefire Blossom
1 Sangan
1 Card Trooper
1 Debris Dragon
2 Ryko, Lightlord Hunter
3 Reborn Tengu
2 Effect Veiler
2 Maxx "C"

Spells: 9
1 Tuning
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Reinforcement of the Light
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Foolish Burial
1 One for One
1 Pot of Avarice

Traps: 5
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Call of the Haunted

Extra: 15
1 Shooting Quasar Dragon
1 AOJ Decisive Armor
1 Trishula
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Brionac
1 TG Hyper Librarian
1 AOJ Catastor
1 Arms Aid
1 Formula Synchron
1 TG Recipro Dragonfly
1 Junk Destroyer
1 Drill Warrior
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Its Quick Junk Doppel with Reborn Tengu basically. Quickdraw doesn't work well with Tengu here coz I forgot to put in Level Stealer. Maybe I'll just side 1 Maxx C to make space for it. Dont ask about Tour Guides. Even though they're allowed in this tournament, I dont have those.

Im wondering how the TCG will make Quasar since most Tengu Plant decks they have dont use Junk Synchron.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Light Pulsar FTK

The craze is already starting for the newest FTK deck utilizing the new LIGHT Dragon monster from SD22.

Light PulsarDragon
You can banish 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your hand. You can send 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your hand to your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Level 5 or higher DARK Dragon-Type monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

This is the latest translation for Light Pulsar Dragon.

As you can see, it also has the "If... you can..." trigger the same as the Scrap tuners. This means that the effect is optional but doesn't miss its timing. We all know YGO ppl like to find broken ways to abuse these non-missable effects

Your deck needs Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (also in SD22) in the Graveyard and Toon Cannon Soldier on the field for the setup.

THE FTK/OTK: (I did not make this combo though, it can be easily read from Wikia.)

1. Normal summon Toon Cannon Soldier
2. SS Light Pulsar or REDMD by monster reborn or Light Pulsar's own eff
3. Tribute Pulsar for burn
4. Then Special summon REDMD via Pulsar eff
5. Tribute Redmd and Pulsar for burn
6. Troll and Repeat

Can be stopped by Effect Veiler and Orange Light if you drew them 1st turn though. Maxx "C" can help you get those Veilers.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zexal Ranking - Winning decks and thoughts

As I promised in my last post, here's a summary of winning decks in the Zexal Ranking tournaments here in the Philippines.

Taken this list from the official Philippine YGO forums:

Credits to GRIMLOCK (his blog, though inactive yet) for making the tally.

WEEK 1 - Galleria Official Weekly Saturday Tournament results
- Pod 1 - William Sy - Six Samurai
- Pod 2 - Vincent Lim - Karakuri Machina Plant
- Pod 3 - Alvin Lim - Agent Angel

WEEK 2 - Galleria Official Weekly Saturday Tournament results
- Pod 1 - Jomer Flores - T.G. Agent Angel
- Pod 2 - Karlo Bonillo -Graveyard Black Feather
- Pod 3 - Yuki Karikomi  - T.G. Agent Angel

WEEK 3 - Galleria Official Weekly Saturday Tournament results
- WEDNESDAY - Jomer Flores - T.G. Agent Angel
- Pod 1 - Chito Racimo - Agent Angel
- Pod 2 - Karlo Bonillo - Lightlord
- Pod 3 - Junjun Agoto- T.G Agent Angel
WEEK 1 - Galleria Official Weekly Saturday Tournament results
- Pod 1 - Jay M. Camaso - Machina Gadget
- Pod 2 - William Sy - Six Samurai
- Pod 3 - Sergeo Cruz - Six Samurai

WEEK 2 - Galleria Official Weekly Saturday Tournament results
- Pod 1 - Edsel Gozon - Graveyard Black Feather
- Pod 2 - William Sy - Six Samurai
- Pod 3 - Junjun Agoto - Six Samurai

In summary we have:

Agent Angel - ******(6)
Six Samurai - *****(5)
Blackwing - **
Lightsworn - *
Machina Gadget - *
Karakuri - *

Agents, TG or not, is the deck-to-beat here. Usually in an 8-man tournament, you can see 3-5 persons running the deck. September has been full of Agent decks topping while October there have been none. Reading the other blogs, they say Singapore is now Agent-free in their winning decks. Will we follow suit?

Six Samurai is another notable deck. Considered dead by most, it is the deck dominating October so far. Maybe because people usually dont dedicate cards in their side anymore for Samurais and are caught offguard. Blackfeather decks, specifically Graveyard BF, got 2 wins, followed by single wins from LS, Machina, and Karakuri decks.

No show yet for Junk Doppel, Dark World, Rabbit Ragia, Offering Gadgets, etc.

Apart from Dark World, these decks rely much on promo and asia-illegal cards such as Librarian, Jurracs, Roach, Disigma, Shock Ruler, and other promo Xyz monsters that's why winning is harder for them against the multitude of Agents.

November is coming and so are the premier tournaments. I'll keep this tally updated weekly and put it up here in the blog. I'll place it as a page.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New events and T-Report: 10/8/11 Ranking Tournament

Two major tournaments are going to be held by the end of next month. Both are Philippine qualifiers for:

I'll be with my last year's Team 3DS (me, William Sy, and Jaison Tan) for the Team Tournament and hopefully win again to defend our title. ^^ With that decided, I think that I'll need to prioritize the Store Championships first.

The weekly Zexal Ranking tournaments we have are now also qualifiers for the Store Championship which is an invitational tournament. Therefore, every Saturday there will be 3 qualifier tournaments and 3 persons will be given an invite for the Store Champs. I'll need to grab an invite if I want to join so I joined the 1st qualifiers.

Ranking Tournament 10/8/11
Store Championship Qualifiers 1

Deck Used: Graveyard Black Feather
(Dont feel like using my Junkdo that day so I managed to borrow my friend's GY-BF deck and tweaked it to suit my style)

Round1: vs. Piper Burn 0-0- *won die roll
At first, I was nervous coz I didnt expect this matchup at all. However, as the game went on, Scrap Dragon and Trishula raked in card advantage for me. Solemn Judgment also sealed his last card that attempted to burn me out of LP.

Round2: vs. Dark World 0-0- *lost die roll
An early Heavy Storm on his 3 cards forced him to activate his Eradicator Virus which he called right and ate 2 of the my inhand traps. However, his Dealings helped me more than it helped him coz I was tossing Vayus to the GY to speed up my OTK. I sided in Gemini Imps on game 2 and it negated his Dragged Down and key Card Destruction.

Round3: vs. Chito (TG Agent Angel) 0-x-0 *lost die roll
Chito is the 2011 Open Champion. ^^ He was able to do Venus + Gantetsu but was unable to draw into another Fairy until I was able to clear his field and win. He had Kristya and Hyperions in hand but only had Venus and 2 Shine Balls in gy. Game 2 I was locked out by Kristya and a 3600 ATK Tragoedia. Game 3 he MST'd my Torrential and swarmed Striker and 2 Warwolfs. He summoned Wonder Magician and I chained Light Mirror, lol. He regretted doing a blind MST.

Finals: vs. Jay (Machina Gadget) 0-x-0
DAD won game 1 easily but game 2 I was out of good cards in hand and he kept pressuring with Gadgets and Fortress. Game 3 he activated Zombie World which prevented me from making Chimeratech Fortress with my Cydra. However, I was up with 1 card in advantage because of that and it slowly stacked up till he used Crevice from Diff Dimension when I attempted to use Vayu, I used Burial from Diff Dimension to return what he banished, summoned DAD and won.

Final result: 1st place! Won an invite for the Store Championships but no card prizes except for one crap TP17. There's no entrance fee for the Store Championships though.

So I won the 1st Qualifier that day. My teammate, William, won the 2nd qualifier with his Six Samurai deck, again. 3rd qualifier was won with another Six Samurai deck. No Agents won this weekend, lol. 

Six Sam grudge comeback?

Tomorrow I'll post a tally of the winning decks in the Philippines in the Zexal Ranking tournaments. No decklists though, :p

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Maxx C and 2 T-Reports: 10/1/11 Asia Format & 10/2/11 Open

Weekend school is over and I now have time to join the weekend tournaments! :)

Its almost a week since the release of EXP4 here in the Philippines and I thought I'll have a hard time getting Maxx "C"s. I wanted to get at least 2 copies since I wanted to main 2  in my Junk Doppel. Luckily, I got 2 copies that day although I didn't get the 2nd copy before the Ranking tournament.

Participants: 16 players
Single Eliminations
Deck: Quick Junk Doppel (No Gorz, Librarian, and Quasar T_T )

Round1: vs. Yuki (TG Agent Angel) 0-0- *won die roll
G1 = Cant remember well here but I was able to do Junk Synchron play making Catastor + Formula. Catastor destroyed his Earth. MP2 I summoned Stardust Dragon and set Torrential and Book. He summoned Hyperion and I used Book on it when it attacked. Memory fades from there but I remember negating MST with Stardust and using Torrential on a Venus play while I have Sangan f/d.
G2 = Drew spells and traps with my opening hand but I have Maxx "C". Epic time was when I had both Ryko and Book f/d with 4 cards in hand and 5600 LP left. He SS'd Striker and normal summoned Venus. He used its effect and I chain Maxx "C" to draw. He continued to summon 3 Balls (+3 cards to me), I Book'd his Striker. Made a Gantetsu (+1 draw). Used Monster Reborn for another Striker (+1 card). Summoned BLS (+1 draw). Made Arms Aid (+1 draw). Equipped it to BLS and attacked Ryko. It destroyed his BLS and he wasn't able to OTK me. Was able to Trishula him next turn despite him having DD Crow and got rid of his last hand card.

Round2: vs. Dark World  x-0-0 *lost die roll
G1 = He set a monster and 2 backrows. I didnt know he was using DW so I just set a Ryko. His turn he used Lightning on Ryko, set some cards, flipped Morphing Jar, used Dragged Down into the Grave and I lost. He also had Skill Drain f/d when I tried to make Black Rose Dragon.
G2 = He drew poorly he said so I did Junk Synchron play into Trishula and spammed more synchros there.
G3 = He set 3 cards to his backrow. I summoned Trooper, milled, and attacked. He didn't do anything. I didnt set my traps thinking he got Lightnings set as bluff and I was right. Pressured him with Trooper to make him summon his Beige and killed it with another Trooper.

Semis: vs. Chris (Quick Junk Doppel) x-x- *won die roll
G1 = Got the things to make Quasar 1st turn but unfortunately this was Asia format so I just left Dandy in defense. He set a monster and I removed it with Trishula next turn. Should have won from there but I made plenty of misplays because of being conservative and he was able to mill cards with Ryko to recover and win.
G2 = My punishment for my misplay wasn't over yet. I drew 2 Quickdraws, 1 Doppel, Veiler, and more useless cards. Passed and his turn he only set 1 backrow. I drew Bulb but he used Trap Dustshoot to return Veiler. Could have made a Nitro Warrior + Formula or a Nitro Warrior into Trishula... but I didnt have Nitro Warrior in my extra deck. lol fail. His turn he made a Trishula, Formula, Drill Warrior, Shooting Star Dragon.

If I had my 2nd Maxx "C", could I have survived that turn? The next day I joined another tournament to try again when I had 2 Maxx "C"s mained.

10/2/11 Open Format
Participants: 16
Single Eliminations
Deck Used: Quick Junk Doppel (promos alllowed now ^^)

Round1: vs. Relinquished/Spell Village 0-0- *won die roll
G1 and G2 = Somewhat lucky for this matchup. Was able to draw with Maxx C here when he made a Naturia Beast (+2 draws) and a Relinquished (+1 draw). 

Round2: vs. Lightlord Junk Doppel 0-0- *lost die roll
G1 = Drew 3 with Librarian + Formula + Dragonfly and Trishula'd him on his turn.
G2 = Maxx C won me again when he: summoned Junk Synchron for Bulb (+1 draw), SS'ed Doppel (+1 draw), made Librarian and tokens (+2 draw), made Formula (+1 draw). He got 2 draws while I got 5, lol. Won against him with Leeching the Light that I drew with Maxx C

Round3: vs. Arrive Gladiator Beast 0-0- *lost die roll
G1 = He was able to make Heraklinos early with 3 hand cards and 3 backrows. Made a Black Rose but it got negated with Solemn Judgment. I thought that was his last card to stop summons and was right. Next turn made a Junk Synchron play to spam synchros and BLS.
G2 = He used A Hero Arrives, I chain Maxx C. He summoned Prismer (+1 draw), revived his GB (+1 draw), fused into Gyzarus (+1 draw), I veilered it to prevent it from tagging out. He attacked and I dropped Gorz. Gorz and its token ate all his backrows when I attacked and in MP2 I spammed Synchros.

The final match was against a friend so we agreed to share the prize and go home early.

It was really fun to draw plenty of extra cards with Maxx C when your opponent tries to OTK you only to be stopped by a 3000-6000 ATK Tragoedia, Gorz, or Effect Veiler. The extra cards you draw also gives you more options to play next turn as you might have drawn Reborn, BLS, boss monsters, etc that can make you overpower what your opponent summoned last turn.

Maxx C can also be summoned by both Junk Synchron and Debris Dragon ^^. It hasn't disappointed me so far so it looks like I'll keep it mained in the meantime. I'll try to test maining them with my Chaos Lightlord next time.

Thanks for reading!