Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween everyone!

There've been no tournament last Sunday due to most people preparing to go to the provinces to visit cemeteries. However, the Saturday tournaments still went on and gave 3 more invites for the Store Championships. There's a total of 13 persons with invites now. lol, 13? What a coincidence.

Going back to the halloween topic. 

Im thinking of what card can represent the season while also being a good card in the meta.
I came up with... Spirit reaper!

So why Spirit reaper? Here's a few points:
(how did this post become a card review? lol)

Useful against the Agent matchup somewhat when they got Kristya down. Most likely they wont have an out to it in their main deck.

A cool LV3 monster that can survive on its own. Its very useful when bringing out Trishula, Brionac, Leviair, or even Acid Golem.

Ryko > destroy monster > summon Reaper > direct attack.
I so like this combo in the early game. BTH usually just sits. Veiler cant do anything to it unless they use it on Ryko. lol. bad move.

Also, the Reaper is one of the favorite mascots of Halloween! There's lots of version of him. The common black robe + Scream mask. The grotesque Shinigami of Death Note. The characters in Bleach. And also a funny Reaper with big hands in Soul Eater!

I guess, that sums up this post. Thanks for reading and enjoy your vacation!

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