Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Updates: Black Luster and Light Pulsar

Nope, dont be mislead but BLS is not revamped or anything BUT...

At last, I got my own Asia Black Luster Soldier!

And its in MINT condition! Yeah

Thanks to my friend Roy for scouting the card and sharing the costs with me. I can now make decks with the card without worrying whether or not I can borrow someone's BLS before a tournament. lol

So onto a real update!

Light Pulsar Dragon's translations were said to be off before. The "If... you can..." trigger was said to be translated incorrectly and in reality it is a "When... you can...".

This update means that Light Pulsar now actually misses its timing when it is...
  • Tributed
  • Used a synchro material
  • Destroyed in the middle of a chain
And also... the FTK/OTK involving Light Pulsar Dragon and Cannon Soldier is now a bust.

However, this is also unconfirmed. Nothing is yet.

EDIT: The revamp is now official!

This image shows that the text trigger really is a

"When... you can..."

and not a...

"If... you can..."

Thus, goodbye Light Pulsar FTK!


  1. actually that is confirmed... the card itself in a more recent scan actually has slightly different text... I don't have the link but some pojoers have found the edit lol.

  2. Thanks. Got the image of the recent text. Updated the post!

  3. BLS looks smexy X3 Congrats on finding one, and Asian-English on top of that!!

  4. Thanks! Its really hard to get a BLS here.