Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New events and T-Report: 10/8/11 Ranking Tournament

Two major tournaments are going to be held by the end of next month. Both are Philippine qualifiers for:

I'll be with my last year's Team 3DS (me, William Sy, and Jaison Tan) for the Team Tournament and hopefully win again to defend our title. ^^ With that decided, I think that I'll need to prioritize the Store Championships first.

The weekly Zexal Ranking tournaments we have are now also qualifiers for the Store Championship which is an invitational tournament. Therefore, every Saturday there will be 3 qualifier tournaments and 3 persons will be given an invite for the Store Champs. I'll need to grab an invite if I want to join so I joined the 1st qualifiers.

Ranking Tournament 10/8/11
Store Championship Qualifiers 1

Deck Used: Graveyard Black Feather
(Dont feel like using my Junkdo that day so I managed to borrow my friend's GY-BF deck and tweaked it to suit my style)

Round1: vs. Piper Burn 0-0- *won die roll
At first, I was nervous coz I didnt expect this matchup at all. However, as the game went on, Scrap Dragon and Trishula raked in card advantage for me. Solemn Judgment also sealed his last card that attempted to burn me out of LP.

Round2: vs. Dark World 0-0- *lost die roll
An early Heavy Storm on his 3 cards forced him to activate his Eradicator Virus which he called right and ate 2 of the my inhand traps. However, his Dealings helped me more than it helped him coz I was tossing Vayus to the GY to speed up my OTK. I sided in Gemini Imps on game 2 and it negated his Dragged Down and key Card Destruction.

Round3: vs. Chito (TG Agent Angel) 0-x-0 *lost die roll
Chito is the 2011 Open Champion. ^^ He was able to do Venus + Gantetsu but was unable to draw into another Fairy until I was able to clear his field and win. He had Kristya and Hyperions in hand but only had Venus and 2 Shine Balls in gy. Game 2 I was locked out by Kristya and a 3600 ATK Tragoedia. Game 3 he MST'd my Torrential and swarmed Striker and 2 Warwolfs. He summoned Wonder Magician and I chained Light Mirror, lol. He regretted doing a blind MST.

Finals: vs. Jay (Machina Gadget) 0-x-0
DAD won game 1 easily but game 2 I was out of good cards in hand and he kept pressuring with Gadgets and Fortress. Game 3 he activated Zombie World which prevented me from making Chimeratech Fortress with my Cydra. However, I was up with 1 card in advantage because of that and it slowly stacked up till he used Crevice from Diff Dimension when I attempted to use Vayu, I used Burial from Diff Dimension to return what he banished, summoned DAD and won.

Final result: 1st place! Won an invite for the Store Championships but no card prizes except for one crap TP17. There's no entrance fee for the Store Championships though.

So I won the 1st Qualifier that day. My teammate, William, won the 2nd qualifier with his Six Samurai deck, again. 3rd qualifier was won with another Six Samurai deck. No Agents won this weekend, lol. 

Six Sam grudge comeback?

Tomorrow I'll post a tally of the winning decks in the Philippines in the Zexal Ranking tournaments. No decklists though, :p

Thanks for reading!

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