Monday, October 3, 2011

Maxx C and 2 T-Reports: 10/1/11 Asia Format & 10/2/11 Open

Weekend school is over and I now have time to join the weekend tournaments! :)

Its almost a week since the release of EXP4 here in the Philippines and I thought I'll have a hard time getting Maxx "C"s. I wanted to get at least 2 copies since I wanted to main 2  in my Junk Doppel. Luckily, I got 2 copies that day although I didn't get the 2nd copy before the Ranking tournament.

Participants: 16 players
Single Eliminations
Deck: Quick Junk Doppel (No Gorz, Librarian, and Quasar T_T )

Round1: vs. Yuki (TG Agent Angel) 0-0- *won die roll
G1 = Cant remember well here but I was able to do Junk Synchron play making Catastor + Formula. Catastor destroyed his Earth. MP2 I summoned Stardust Dragon and set Torrential and Book. He summoned Hyperion and I used Book on it when it attacked. Memory fades from there but I remember negating MST with Stardust and using Torrential on a Venus play while I have Sangan f/d.
G2 = Drew spells and traps with my opening hand but I have Maxx "C". Epic time was when I had both Ryko and Book f/d with 4 cards in hand and 5600 LP left. He SS'd Striker and normal summoned Venus. He used its effect and I chain Maxx "C" to draw. He continued to summon 3 Balls (+3 cards to me), I Book'd his Striker. Made a Gantetsu (+1 draw). Used Monster Reborn for another Striker (+1 card). Summoned BLS (+1 draw). Made Arms Aid (+1 draw). Equipped it to BLS and attacked Ryko. It destroyed his BLS and he wasn't able to OTK me. Was able to Trishula him next turn despite him having DD Crow and got rid of his last hand card.

Round2: vs. Dark World  x-0-0 *lost die roll
G1 = He set a monster and 2 backrows. I didnt know he was using DW so I just set a Ryko. His turn he used Lightning on Ryko, set some cards, flipped Morphing Jar, used Dragged Down into the Grave and I lost. He also had Skill Drain f/d when I tried to make Black Rose Dragon.
G2 = He drew poorly he said so I did Junk Synchron play into Trishula and spammed more synchros there.
G3 = He set 3 cards to his backrow. I summoned Trooper, milled, and attacked. He didn't do anything. I didnt set my traps thinking he got Lightnings set as bluff and I was right. Pressured him with Trooper to make him summon his Beige and killed it with another Trooper.

Semis: vs. Chris (Quick Junk Doppel) x-x- *won die roll
G1 = Got the things to make Quasar 1st turn but unfortunately this was Asia format so I just left Dandy in defense. He set a monster and I removed it with Trishula next turn. Should have won from there but I made plenty of misplays because of being conservative and he was able to mill cards with Ryko to recover and win.
G2 = My punishment for my misplay wasn't over yet. I drew 2 Quickdraws, 1 Doppel, Veiler, and more useless cards. Passed and his turn he only set 1 backrow. I drew Bulb but he used Trap Dustshoot to return Veiler. Could have made a Nitro Warrior + Formula or a Nitro Warrior into Trishula... but I didnt have Nitro Warrior in my extra deck. lol fail. His turn he made a Trishula, Formula, Drill Warrior, Shooting Star Dragon.

If I had my 2nd Maxx "C", could I have survived that turn? The next day I joined another tournament to try again when I had 2 Maxx "C"s mained.

10/2/11 Open Format
Participants: 16
Single Eliminations
Deck Used: Quick Junk Doppel (promos alllowed now ^^)

Round1: vs. Relinquished/Spell Village 0-0- *won die roll
G1 and G2 = Somewhat lucky for this matchup. Was able to draw with Maxx C here when he made a Naturia Beast (+2 draws) and a Relinquished (+1 draw). 

Round2: vs. Lightlord Junk Doppel 0-0- *lost die roll
G1 = Drew 3 with Librarian + Formula + Dragonfly and Trishula'd him on his turn.
G2 = Maxx C won me again when he: summoned Junk Synchron for Bulb (+1 draw), SS'ed Doppel (+1 draw), made Librarian and tokens (+2 draw), made Formula (+1 draw). He got 2 draws while I got 5, lol. Won against him with Leeching the Light that I drew with Maxx C

Round3: vs. Arrive Gladiator Beast 0-0- *lost die roll
G1 = He was able to make Heraklinos early with 3 hand cards and 3 backrows. Made a Black Rose but it got negated with Solemn Judgment. I thought that was his last card to stop summons and was right. Next turn made a Junk Synchron play to spam synchros and BLS.
G2 = He used A Hero Arrives, I chain Maxx C. He summoned Prismer (+1 draw), revived his GB (+1 draw), fused into Gyzarus (+1 draw), I veilered it to prevent it from tagging out. He attacked and I dropped Gorz. Gorz and its token ate all his backrows when I attacked and in MP2 I spammed Synchros.

The final match was against a friend so we agreed to share the prize and go home early.

It was really fun to draw plenty of extra cards with Maxx C when your opponent tries to OTK you only to be stopped by a 3000-6000 ATK Tragoedia, Gorz, or Effect Veiler. The extra cards you draw also gives you more options to play next turn as you might have drawn Reborn, BLS, boss monsters, etc that can make you overpower what your opponent summoned last turn.

Maxx C can also be summoned by both Junk Synchron and Debris Dragon ^^. It hasn't disappointed me so far so it looks like I'll keep it mained in the meantime. I'll try to test maining them with my Chaos Lightlord next time.

Thanks for reading!

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