Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Phil. Open Championships Report

Four days ago we had the 2011 Open Championships. Lots of players and trader alike went to see who will be the winner that will take home the PS3 prize. Wasn't able to make this post earlier since a typhoon hit our region and electricity and internet was cut.

Champion: brand new PS3 console + trophy
2nd place: DREV complete card set + trophy
3rd place: 1 box EXP4+ trophy
4th place: 12 PHSW packs
5th-8th: 7 PHSW packs

Door Prize: 1 pack JP or AE Booster Pack + 1 Commemorative Tshirt
Total Participants: 76 players!

Deck Used: Frog Monarchs
Im expecting a lot of Agent matchups that day so I didnt use my Junkdo deck.

Round1: vs. Infernity x-0-0 *lost die roll
G1 = Didnt draw frogs until he was able to swarm
G2 = Early LaDD control. Noticed he didnt have any Barriers in his deck
G3 = Went back and forth. He was always lucky with his top draws since game1. He should be able to Trishula me 1 time but he didnt have it, so lucky me.
Standing: 1-0

Round2: vs. Cliff (Tengu Scrap) x-x- *lost die roll?
G1 = Got Trapdust, Mind Crush, and Aoi in hand but no frogs. Knew what his cards and his moves will be but didnt have anything to summon
G2 = Same draws. Should've really mained Dualities if I knew my luck was this bad.
Standing: 1-1

Round3: vs. Jag (Tour Guide Gallis Agent Angel) 0-x-0 *won die roll
G1 = Summoned Swap Frog, he Veiler. I return it then SS it again, he Orange Light pitching Kristya. I Reborn his Kristya to win.
G2 = He summoned Tour Guide 1st turn. Killed Sangan and he fetched Gallis. I Mind Crushed Gallis when he used its effect and also saw 2x Chaos Sorcs, Birdman, Venus, Gorz! Too imba hand.
G3 = Early LaDD won again.
Standing: 2-1

Round4: vs. Terrence (Dark World) 0-0- *won die roll
G1 = Got to see his hand with Mind Crush and Aois. Controlled from there
G2 = Saw his hand again. I Reborn his Grapha to control.
Standing: 3-1 
Round5: vs. Alvin Lim (Agent Angel) x-x-
*lost die roll
G1 = Got frogs but no Monarch/LaDD
G2 = Saw his hand with Aoi. He got Venus (from Earth), Kristya, Reborn, Orange, and something else. Got no choice but to discard his Venus. He revived it, spammed Balls, and got his setup for Kristya. I should have set the Torrential Tribute instead of saving it (was scared of early Storm).
Standing: 3-2 (losing confidence of making it to top8 now)

Round6: vs. JB (TG Agent Angel) 0-0-? not sure *won die roll
G1 and G2 = not really sure how it went. I kinda forgot. But I remember when I had LaDD which negated most of his cards. 
Standing: 4-2

After this round I saw that my rank for the tournament was Rank 11 and got my hopes up again. I know that if I win the last round, I'll have a chance for Top 8.

Round7: vs. Noel (Chaos Metabeat) 0-x-0 *won die roll
G1 = Saw his hand and was able to control from there though I didnt have Frogs again. His Doomcaliber was always killed by Veiler.
G2 = He Trapdust+Mind Crush me. Payback, lol? haha, I got the same hand as game1. Aois and no frogs.
G3 = Very close fight. From 5 cards in hand, we went to 2 cards, then back to 5 again. I decided to use 1 Mind Crush and guess wrong just to see what he had. He had Gorz (he had no field), Cydra, Chaos Sorc? and other things. I used another Mind Crush to get rid of Gorz and used Swap Frog to poke his LP without giving him a chance to summon Cydra.
Standing: 5-2

Since I won, I really thought I would get to play in the Top8. However, when the final standings were up, I saw that I went down to Rank 12 even though I won my last match. T_T Didn't know how and why that happened but they said the Konami software's tiebreakers is very different from the Mantis software we were used to.

Final Rank: Top 12. Got a ANPR booster as extra prize and pulled a Rooklord which I sold for $5. Got money for dinner now, lol.

Here's a decklist of what I used today:

Monsters: 24
2 Treeborn Frog
3 Swap Frog
2 Dupe Frog
1 Ronintoadin
1 Snowman Eater
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
2 Light and Darkness Dragon
1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
2 Thunder King Rai-oh
2 Effect Veiler
1 Gorz
2 Tragoedia
1 Battle Fader

Spells: 7
1 Heavy Storm
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
2 Enemy Controller

Traps: 9
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Mind Crush
3 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

I stayed a little more to see what would happen.

Here's the top 8 players and decks *in no particular order since I didnt get to record the final ranks
  • Chito Racimo - Agent Angel
  • Alvin Lim - Agent Angel
  • Timothy Vivit - Agent Angel
  • William "Wslasher" Sy - Six Samurai
  • Kenneth Magcaleng - Arrive Gladiator Beast
  • Cliff Georpe - Tengu Scrap
  • Melvin Sta. Maria - T.G. Stun
  • Dominic Magbutay - T.G. Drain
 Here's some pictures of the top 8 and who won each match:

Top 8 = Alvin Lim (Agent Angel) vs Cliff Georpe (Tengu Scrap) win

Top 8 = Kenneth Magcaleng (Arrive GB) vs. Chito Racimo (Agent Angel) win

Top 8 = Timothy Vivit (Agent Angel) win vs. William Sy (Six Samurai)

Top 8 = Melvin Sta. Maria (TG) vs. Dominic Magbutay (TG Drain) win

The Top 4 matches are as follows:

Top 4 = Cliff (Tengu Scrap) win vs. Timothy (Agent Angel)

Top 4 = Dominic (TG) vs. Chito (Agent Angel) win

Final results are:

3rd Place:
Timothy Vivit with Agent Angel

2nd Place
Cliff Georpe with Tengu Scrap

Champion: Chito Racimo with Agent Angel

Congratulations to the winners!

As you can see, Agents won the tournament, occupied almost half of the Top 8 and I am sure it is the deck most represented today. The next major tournament will be the Asian Team Tournament on November and I am sure Agents will also be the deck to beat next month.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. wtf ps3??? most imbal prize so far! i dont think even singapore has that good prize support!