Friday, September 2, 2011

Sep 1 changes! LS vs Agents!

Was not able to update the blog for several days now because of personal/school things that are needed to be dealt with first, but I'm back now! :D

Today several things are changing in Yugioh...

1. The update for the forbidden and limited lists take effect today!

We all know the changes that happened. Goodbye Trunade! Hello Storm!

2. TCG-side now updated their rulebook regarding Xyz summoning and how that affects the "leaves the field" triggers.

This should have been cleared up a long time ago. The OCG have long ruled that Xyz summoning and detaching are not considered as "leaving the field." Kevin Tewart said otherwise though and that's why we have the Tour Guide engine. I'm in an OCG country, btw, so this shouldnt concern me. However, im still playing at DN and im so irrirtated with all the advantages that a simple normal summon of 1 card gives.
So, thanks Konami, at least you did your job. Bye Tour Guide sh1t! Good riddance

3. The meta, from all-Junk Doppel/Six Samurai, is now all-TG Agents!

Way to start the new format. We all expected Lightlords to make top spots all over but this was not what happened. Remnants of decks not hit with the banlist - namely TG and Agent Angels - combined and took up Tier0-1 status because their previous mismatches were hit with the list.

Why Agents and not Lightlords? Let's compare

Lightlord bosses: 3 Judgment Dragons, 1 BLS, 2 Chaos Sorcerers, 1 DAD, 2 Trago, 1 Gorz
Agent bosses: 3 Hyperions, 1 BLS, 0-2 Kristyas, 1 Trishula, Gantetsu/Phoenix

LL opening: Summon LS/Trooper > mill well *hopefully
LL opening2: Solar Recharge >> Draw well *hopefully >> mill well *hopefully
LL opening3: Set Ryko/Sangan/whatever >> pass *hopefully opponent doesn't draw nuts

Agent opening: Summon Venus >> 2-3 Balls >> 1 Venus + 1 Gantetsu + 0-1 Ball
Agent opening2: Pot of Duality >> Summon Earth >> next turn Venus into Trishula play + Hyperion/Kristya
Agent opening3: Set TG Warwolf >> next turn Striker/Venus into Trishula + Hyperion + BLS play

LL Pros: CAN summon a heck load of bosses in one turn....if you mill well though
LL Cons: THE mill itself. Luck-sacky. Drawing bosses early without mill cards = gg.

Agent Pros: Simple summons of Agents lead to easy to gain rewards. Summon Kristya = gg. Orange light = irritating
Agent Cons: Drawing Shine Balls without any way to get Venus. Boss hand.

Although Lightlord are much more explosive compared to Agents, it is much more inconsistent. See the LL bosses? They have harder requirements to summon compared to the Agents'. You can add Duality to LL to gain some consistency, but Agents have already done that. lol. Duality + TG monsters made the deck super consistent compared to last format.

4. My blog is added with Tabs! :)

My blog just hit 3000 views the past few days while I was away. Most of my viewers are also from my country. To comemorate and as thanks, I've put up a section where a list of regular and scheduled tournaments here in the Philippines are shown.

5. Tomorrow, NEW DECK! The 2011 PH Champion, William "Wslasher" Sy shows his new deck idea for his Six Samurai deck. Watch out for it! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So I guess the remove tengu as material to summon another tengu is not valid anymore.