Monday, August 22, 2011

Chaos deck with no BLS = B-ul-L-S-h*t!

Its already 5 days since the release of the new banlist but I still dont have a freakin' Black Luster Soldier/ Chaos Soldier/ BLS! >.<

Currently I'm playing a sort of Chaos deck with a happy number of 5 boss monsters: DAD, 3 Chaos Sorcerers, and a PROXY of Chaos Soldier. Im so emo since I already went to the local shop, asked around everybody, searched online shops, but still cant find anyone selling an asia-legal (jap/asia version) of BLS!

Konami SHOULD reprint the card for the sake of the newer players in Asia. Its not like everyone was around in the days of the Series 3 boosters, asian IOCs, or Expert Editions.

The nearest reprint booster set in the OCG is EXP4 and we all know that set wont have a BLS. Gold Series 2012 wont be until the new year and even if BLS gets reprinted in that set it would only be short of 3 months before it might possibly get banned again. Would you wait and burn through September, Oct, Nov, and Dec tournaments?

Besides that, having BLS in your deck is a MAJOR factor if someone wants to fare well in the ranking league tournaments. Summoning it almost ensures a win or a major change in the momentum of the game. It can almost do everything...

1) Banish any non-immune monsters whether f/d or not
2) Walk over most boss monsters
3) Deal a heck load of damage through battling 2x
4) Add to swarms to deliver otk
5) Add to psycho war since 1st person to summon his BLS or any boss and not win that turn would likely be BLS'ed next turn

oh and let's not forget...

5) BLS + Honest = otk
6) BLS + Arms Aid =otk
7) You can use Reborn, CotH or even Warrior Returning Alive to re-use the guy again!

It is not even that hard to summon him unlike the other boss monsters like DAD, Trishula, and Kristya. Speaking of Kristya, Agents are another viable deck that can seal away most bosses like BLS. So... does that mean non-BLS players will likely go to Agents? NOT! Even Agents can add BLS to their arsenal in the deck.

Hopefully someone sells me a BLS soon. Im gonna treat him/her to food as long as he doesnt scam me with the price, lol. /rant


  1. I rather think BLS as konami's gift to old players for playing their game so long

  2. Hopefully they also think about the new players too.

    Why didnt they just return some banned card from the readily available and newly reprinted BE1 instead? :(

  3. lol because its not like they could unban delinquent duo or cyber jar or anything :3

    rejoice there is an ocg bow set coming up soon. some ppl speculate either duality or bls will be reprinted in there :)

    i heard from a source that one of the scrs from the duelist box is a bls. however this is totally unconfirmed and could be just total bullcrap