Friday, August 12, 2011

Offering + No.16 = 1 Card Complete Lock!

Last time I talked about how to pawn using Offering Gadgets. Today I'll talk about it again and how to deprive your opponent from playing his cards!
Number 16: Ruler of Color - Shock Ruler
3 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and declare a type of card (Spell, Trap, or Monster Card); until your opponent's next End Phase, neither player can activate cards of the declared type.

Yeah, you guessed it! Summon 3 of these atrocities in your turn; have each of it lock each of the card types and laugh as your opponent cannot activate any card!

The hard part is that you'll need exactly all 9 Gadgets to complete the lock. But with Reborn Tengu, it gets so much easier coz you can detach Tengu, summon another, and use that as Xyz material for the next. Heck, you dont even need to lock all Spells, Trap, and Monsters to defeat your opponent. Most likely you'll only lock two types, then he'll just go down.

Of course, I played the deck on Dueling Network again

One thing you must take care of are cards like Spirit reaper. You might waste all your gadgets to summon those Color Rulers to lock everything but it wont win you if you cant land the finishing blow. Luckily, we have Trishula to take care of problems :p

Another 1st turn Naturia Beast (bye Spells) got him to just Troop-dump and set 3 cards his turn. 2nd Turn finish of 2x Color Rulers to bar the other card types! Sorry Trooper, no effect :p

Later through the night,  I joined a tournament someone organized using and fared pretty well.

Double Elimination Format
Participants: 16
Deck Used: Offering Gadget Lock

Round1: BYE. (meh, opponent didnt show up)

Round2: Klajdi Pr0 (Evoldo Xyz) O-X-O *lost rps (rock-paper-scissors)
G1 = He set 4. I drew Dusts and Mst w/o UO and set them. He used mst from hand I chain to destroy his f/d. His Diplodocus also tried to destroy another but his f/d got hit instead. My turn I drew UO and went to control.
G2 = He set 4 again and a monster. My tengu got Warning'd and I set 3 w/ UO. He flipped the reptile evoldo, SS'd a lv4 then normal summond another 4. I torrential, he 7tools, I used 7tools too, but he got Judgment! lol, fail in front of Ragia
G3 = Final Lockdown made by 2 Colors only since my other gadget got warning'd and killed the loop.

Round3: vs. burr3825633 (Fusion Gate Hero) O-X-O *won rps
G1 = Locked with Naturia Beast 1st turn + 2 Colors 2nd turn
G2 = I got Royal Decree'd! Where's my MST??
G3 = He didnt have decree now. So I draw whored till I drew a Gadget then Color + roach!

Semis: vs. turbox1000 (Tengu Zombies) *lost rps O-O-
G1 = He set 2 and a monster, end. Drew UO 1st turn with Dusts. Set only Dusts and gadget killed his Mezuki. He MST a Dust on EP. He summoned Zombie Master, revived Mezuki, attacked and ended. At EP I dust his warning and set UO. Locked him next turn.
G2 = He only set a monster and 2 backs and ended. I summon and set 2. He pass. At Ep I Mst his set Warning. My turn UO play into Librarian + Trish. His field now bare with only 1 card in hand but he doesnt quit. I summoned Color to lock Monsters and he condeded, showing me his Gorz lol. Sorry Gorz. xD

Finals: vs. the organizer, Deus Ex Machina (T.G. Tengu) *lost rps X-X-
G1: He set 5. My turn summoned a gadget, and set Mst and UO. His turn summon Raioh. waa. I Mst a Mforce, Dark Holed Raioh, summoned gadget, but UO got MST'ed. He controled with TG + Horn
G2: 1st turn Naturia Beast but with only bluff spells and MForce as backrow. He dared to summon Naturia Barkion and killed my Beast. wew talk about courageous. He controlled for a few turns but somehow I got UO up and he didnt negate thinking I would have less than 1000 LP coz he was gonna attack with more monsters. I UO some def'ed gadgets and survived. My turn I summoned Color to negate trap, Disigma to take Barkion, and Hope (left with 1100 LP). Killed all his monsters. His turn he set a card and summoned a TG. My draw phase he took Hope with TG1-EM1. My misplay was I forgot that Disigma can take more than 1 monster at a time so my attacks got negated. He survived Color's last lock and I got hit with all his traps. lol.    

So result was I only got to Finalist spot. Haha, here's a shot of the tourney structure before the finals  (Im on no.1 slot. *topmost)

I really hope Ultimate Offering dont get hit this coming banlist! Drawing it = a very good chance you'll win, xD
Truly, a 1-card OTK! (coz I dont count Gadgets as a combo-piece since you always have it onhand)
Thanks for reading!

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