Monday, August 8, 2011

Short T-Report and GENF Fish Deck

Went to a local tournament at Marketplace Mall (MP for short), Madaluyong yesterday with a TG deck again and won.

Deck Used: T.G. Offering Gadgets

Round1: vs. Salvosworn X-O-O *won die roll
Game1 = he was close to being milled out as he only had 1 more card in deck. I sided in Light Mirrors and Crows.
Game2 = Duality got me Light Mirror in 1st turn. He used Trunade but I still had an Inverz Roach and TGs on field. He just summoned a Trooper, went over my Roach, and ended, lol.
Game3 =  Didnt have Light Mirror.. His end mill got him to 4 graved LS. I summoned Roach. His hand was Chaos, and JD  but cant summon them. gg

Round2: vs. Agent Angel X-O-O *lost die roll
G1 = Misplay of not Trishula-ing him wyl I can cost me the game. Sided in Light Mirrors
G2 = Drew Offering, gadget and TG. OTK with Trishula, 2 Hope, Roach, and Rhino
G3 = TG1-EM1 got me his Kristya! lol, he wasnt able to get over it. gg

Round3: vs. Anti-Meta O-O *won die roll
G1 and G2 = easy win with simple 1 for 1 exchanges. He was using Raioh and Doomcalis but lost them to trap cards.

Round4 should have been against my friend but we agreed to share the booster prizes instead.

He was playing a Water deck with cards from GENF and it was funny to see how his opponents were unhappy to be losing to small direct-attacking monsters which hide for the rest of the turn. lol

Main culprits are:

Sky Oni-eating Ray (EN: Skystarray)
Sea Serpent / Effect
This card can attack your opponent directly. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card attacked directly: Banish this card until your next Standby Phase.

This is the main monster of the deck. Direct attackers that hide after the Battle Phase are harder to kill than others would usually think. The "hiding" effect are actually key to the deck's combos as seen with these next monsters with the same ability...

If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict Piercing Battle Damage to your opponent. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card inflicted Battle Damage to your opponent: Banish this card until your next Standby Phase.

Stronger attack with a piercing effect. This is the Bora of the archetype that can rush damage through tokens and Rykos to help your direct-attacking Sky Oni.

Sea Serpent/Effect
Once per turn, you can banish 1 Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster from your hand to select 1 face-up card your opponent controls. Destroy that card, then banish this card until your next Standby Phase.

This card takes care of problem cards your opponent might have or destroy monsters that block possible direct attacks. This card combos well with the Xyz monster Leviair.

These monsters are the key monsters that banish themselves after they use their effects. Besides protection, the "hiding" effect is essential for the next monster...

When a face-up Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster you control is banished: You can Special Summon this card from your hand or Graveyard.

If you are concerned about your field being empty after your Sky Onis were banished, this is the answer. These monsters are free blockers and can also be used for synchro and Xyz summons. 2 or 3 of these can be summoned simultaneously to summon  Leviair, Revise Dragon, Terrabyte, and even Aero-Shark (damage rush).

Here's his full decklist:

Deep Sea Diva + Inferno Reckless Summon
Diva is the searcher card of the deck which can call Sky Oni to start, Gillman for damage boost, Orca for destruction, call Tortoise from deck, or just to synchro a LV5 monster. Combo that with IRS and you can have up to 3 instant direct attackers, or 3 Tortoises ready to synchro summon LV8 monsters or to Xyz summon! You can also summon 3 Divas in order to summon Daigusto Phoenix (most of the monsters are WIND attribute) or Gachi Gachi Gantetsu (for more ATK boosts). Xyz Leviair can also be used to initiate an IRS play.

Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind
All of the monsters are below LV4 and another cool thing is that all Xyz monsters bypass these two cards.

Dimensional Fissure and Xyz monsters
One would think that this card will render Wingtortoise useless. However, due to a OCG ruling that says detached Xyz material are NOT sent to the RFG zone even if there's Macro Cosmos on the field, you can still use Tortoise to summon Xyz monsters then detach them to send it straight to the grave! Dimensional Fissure also helps against Plant, TG, DW, and most meta matchups.

Screen of Red and Fiendish Chain
These two are the cards most of his opponents were really annoyed at. Being unable to attack and use effects while a 600-1000+ ATK Sky Oni (or two) direct-attacks you is no joke when you are on the receiving end. With these also your monsters are vulnerable to being stolen by Terrabyte.

Watching this deck in action makes me laugh so hard seeing his opponents misplay and get panicky when they're LP runs close to 0 (due to the use of their own Warnings and Judgments) while Sky Onis are attacking. lol.

Hopefully, 6Sam decks get hit this September to give decks like this a chance to play.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Fish deck gets eaten by Trap Stun to easily imo. Sure, not that many decks use it anymore THIS format, but next format....

    I also don't think three Spined Gillman are needed.

  2. Yeah thats another problem of the deck. But almost every other deck bar Samurai gets owned by Trap Stun + big push. Hoping the next format will be a lot non-otk centered

    The three Spined Gillman at first I thought could be IRS'ed. haha, forgot it was already 1700 on the field.