Wednesday, August 10, 2011

XYZ on DN! Offering Gadgets pwnge!

Last time on Dueling Network!~~~ lol (recalling EN-dub Yugioh GX in my head)

What I actually want to say is that the all-time demand Xyz monsters are now available in Dueling Network! If the last hype inside the free browser game was Dark World, Tengu Plants, Tengu TG and all kinds of Tengu decks, be prepared now to experience the imbal Tour Guide-Sangan Xyz madness courtesy of Kevin Tewart's TCG ruling!

Its everywhere!
Tour Guide + Sangan = Leviair/Revise + Sangan Effect? lolwut
Zombie Master + Goblin Zombie >> Roach + G.Zombie gets Mezuki for next turn Xyz/Synchro? wew
Tengu + Goblin Zombie >> Roach + Zombie fetch + Tengu again? wtf?

Well, what can I say? You cant control those TCG players in DN even if you paste a heck wall of text from Konami OCG Faq. If you cant stop them, then join and beat them with their own Xyz drug!

Hello DN! Here's Offering Gadgets!

I dont care what they say. 1st-turn Naturia Beast (Gadget + One for One/Foolish Burial) + set a ton of traps (w/ Offering) will make your opponent just set something, end his turn and die with your next.

Poor pussycat. :( I'm not an abuser of these kind of decks. I didnt know he played Crystal Beasts when I summoned Naturia Beast 1st turn.

This version of Offering gadgets I made with a mix of some TGs and the Plant engine. I didnt include Reborn Tengu in coz I was annoyed with the card at that time. If anyone's interested, here's what I made:

Basically I won all my games because of 1st turn Naturia Beast. (Why am I so lucky? lol) Then I thought of some way to how consistently summon Naturia Beast then why not summon someone like him?

You may wonder how did I just pit this all in and call it a deck? The card that puts Offering Gadgets and Ragia Rabbit together in my deck is....

DNA SURGERY! Yes, you are seeing it for real. This might outrage some ppl but please dont bash me coz I want to troll some DN peeps with 3x walking Solemn Judgments and Xyz Relinquished! xD

Here's the crazy Ragia Gadget deck I made on impulse. Why Gene-Warped Warwolf instead of just Kabazauls? I like the extra 300 ATK the Warwolf is packing. Takes care of Thunderking and other 1900 atk stuffs. DNA Surgery will take care of Ragia's requirements. W/o surgery, I can still go for Hope or Roach no problem. :)

Its past midnight now and DN is suffering major lag issues. TCG world's time to play? Maybe its time to sleep now, lol.

Again, thanks for reading!  [/rant]

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