Saturday, October 29, 2011



10000-view milestone in 3 months! Thanks to everyone who have been reading the blog especially to my fellow Filipino duelists! 

Hoping the blog can reach the next 100000 milestone! (How many years would it take? lol)
People here have been talking about putting up duel videos again and passing winning decklists to Shriek's blog. I can accomodate and post here but I think the best is to post the decklists on Shriek while the videos go here. Btw, William will be the one doing vids. I'll just leech it from him when he's done, xD

Here's a few sample videos made by him. (more at his YouTube channel here)

Plenty of lulz in this vid.

Here's a vid of me dueling (im the psychic/plant player)

Again, thanks to everyone and keep on reading! ^^

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