Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blue-Eyed Prophecy


This card would work so well in a Prophecy deck. Goodbye lone Veiler?

Summon Maiden. Target it with Power. Summon BEWD! Too bad it's a "once per turn" only effect.
You can even target Maiden with Torah xD

Lv1 so can be easily summoned by Judgment Day. Now it is not that bad when you can only activate 1 spell after Judgment Day. Also, she may be able to stall your opponent since he'll need to attack her twice to get over her plus the BEWD that she'll be calling.

One more thing you can do.

Opponent's turn. Activate Judgment Day. Use Fate against 1 of his moves. Summon Maiden in the EP.
Your turn. Now, there's lots of things you can do with her.

1. Target her with Power. Summon BEWD. You now have a 4k atk field.
2. Target her with Torah. Summon BEWD. Sync her with Batel for Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk (Mist Bird Clausolas). Run over Clausolas target with BEWD. Cool 3k direct damage.
3. Target her with Torah. Summon BEWD. Sync her with Junon for a lv8 synchro like Blader.
4. Target her with Torah. Summon BEWD. Sync Blue Eyes Silver Dragon for the lols.

OR you can just let her stay there and be a wall that calls out BEWD every turn. :))

Downside is that you'll need to main 1-2 BEWDs. hahaha. Good luck drawing those.

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