Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Loots from Thailand

Its been a 2 days since I got back home from the Asia Championships in Thailand. Wasn't able to post yesterday as I was rushing to go to a tournament where a 4axis FireFist was being prized. Luckily, I won the deck so the rush was worth it.

Mixed feelings is what I have for my results. Happy since I was able to at least bring home 3rd Place but disappointed also because I didn't improve from last year as I was also 3rd.

Lots of things to talk about such as the experience there, the friends (new and old), and the tournament, but for now I'll post about the loots I got from Thailand!

Sorry for the low-res picture. >_<

Noob as I was, I didnt exchange all my money into Thai Baht when I arrived so what happened was I ran out of money to get more cards and to buy souvernirs (sorry friends and family).

Does it look like I bought a lot? Almost half of the cards above are what I got from the Champion Challenge side event, so yeah, the only thing I bought was the Prophecy deck and a few singles and after that my pockets were almost empty. Special thanks to our Thai friend, Air, who was able to find and sell me a Prophecy deck with only 1 day notice.

And here's the actual prizes from the tournament. Sadly, no cards included. lol. So luckily, I am a proud owner of a pair of Asia mats. Thanks also to the Korean champion, Choi, who gave me a Korean Fire Fist mat for free!

Next post will be about the tournament. Thanks for reading!

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