Friday, April 13, 2012

Omw to Singapore!

Wish me luck for the Asian Championships to be held in Singapore on Sunday!

Our flight to Singapore is at 10am today! :D Hope it isn't as hot there as it is here

Konami needs us by evening of Saturday so we have the whole Friday and morning til afternoon of Saturday!

How to get to card shops pls? ^^

I'll be taking lots of pictures of the event and I'll try to make a few posts if there is an internet connection available.

Good luck to me! :))


  1. Take train to Yew Tee MRT and ask for directions to block 601, it's really near.

  2. take train to douby ghaut station, there is shop right there called jcube

  3. Hey! It was nice to play against you! :D I was the one who dueled against you in Challenge the Champion and our duel took like 20 minutes. Gratz for the 3rd placing! :D