Sunday, April 1, 2012

T-Report: March 2012 Monthly Open Tournament

Finally, after how many months, we had our open monthly tournament again. Its time we take away from all those restrictions that the Asia Format gives and play all promos and TCG cards!

Format: Open (all cards tcg/ocg allowed)
6 rounds of Swiss then cut to Top 8 elims

Deck used: Inzektors

Round1: vs. Prince (Light Antimeta) 0-0-
G1 = At first he was ahead by a lot of LP when I was forced to use Warning against his monsters instead of direct attacking me. But it was Inzecter stunts when I got to draw Hornet.
G2 = He had Banisher of the Radiance and set cards. I also set 2 cards. He summoned Breaker, I used Torrential, and he chained CED to return Banisher to his hand. He tried to summon it again but my other set card was Warning. Nothing prevented the Inzecter stunts then.
Result: 1-0

Round 2: vs. Dark World  x-0-0
G1 = He goes 1st and summoned Grapha with 2 sets. I set 2 and end but he used Reckless Greed. His turn he used Heavy Storm, summoned Raven, spammed plenty + field = gg
G2 = He got Skill Drain down but I got MST to chain.  He was also surprised that I was Inzecter since he didnt see much of my cards in game 1.
G3 = Again he used Reckless Greed but with Card Destruction however he wasnt able to capitalize since I also used Maxx C that I drew from CardDes to chain against his LV4 1600 monster. I did Dark Hole on my Zenmaines just to rid his field spell. That locked him out and was able to pick apart his cards.
Result: 2-0
(Was glad I was able to win 2 times after a loss since I didnt have a proper side against his deck)

Round 3: vs. Orlando Rivera (Wind-up) x-0-x
G1 = Went first but made a misplay of summoning Gruf by mistake when I thought it was Damsel I'm holding. On his turn he looped me.
G2 = I set 3 cards with Judgment. He activated DFissure and summoned Damsel. I used Torrential. He also misplayed when he played Reborn thinking Damsel was on his GY. His 2nd misplay was when he made Leviair first then activate his 2nd DFissure (i got rid of the 1st one) so I just chained my Veiler on it.
G3 = Looped me again. No Maxx C or Veiler. =((
Result: 2-1

Round 4: vs. Karlo Bonillo (Inzektor) x-0-0
G1 = He used the 1500LP superweapon against me. He had it mained.
G2 = I used the 1500LP superweapon against him. Had it sided.
G3 = He used Storm against my lone backrow and it Transmigration Prophecy. I return his Hornet and Gruf at gy leaving him with no Inzecter plays while I had mine.
Result: 3-1

Round 5: vs. Dominic (Inzektor) 0-0-
G1 = 2 Card Car Ds ate his Veiler and Torrential. It was trench wars when he still had no Inzecter play but eventually I drew what I need.
G2 = I used torrential on his Damsel but he used Chain Disappearance on himself. That removed all my Damsels in my deck. However, he got another Damsel in grave so I used the Superweapon again to borrow his own Damsel.
Result: 4-1

Round 6: vs. Gravekeepers 0-x-x
G1 = No Necrovalley. Easy win.
G2 = He got Necrovalley + Sin Cyber End. lol
G3 = We both went into topdecking mode (I had no Inzecters drawn) until he searched Necrovalley with Commadant and Royal tribute with Pot. He activated Necrovalley, I used Solemn, but he used Dark Bribe. lol. Reborn and other sh1ts that I could have used all went numb. 
Result: 4-2
(No side against this kind of deck again. >_< I regret removing the Decrees from my side)

Luckily I got 7th place so its on to Top 8 elims.

Top 8: vs. William Sy (Six Samurai) x-0-x
G1 = I misplayed when I used Solemn to negate his CED that wanted to save his Kagemusha from my Chain Disappearance. I should have saved it to negate his 2nd Kizan that destroyed my f/d Damsel.
G2 = Drew crap again. Only had Gruf and Gigamantis to beat his Kizans down but eventually he was able to make Revise. I drew Damsel and won.
G3 = 1st turn Shien :(

Final Result: Top 8 and a few boosters as consolation prize that all contained crap. Yuki, who also used Inzektor, lost in Top 8 and his boosters were also crap. Where's all the foils and Card Cars? haha

Watched the semis.... It was Laval vs Six Samurai.

Game 3, William got Gateway, Shien, 2 Kizans, GM, and Book of Moon set. His opponent used Storm, Shien negated. That let him use Sweltering Heat to mill Cannoneer and the lv1 tuner that also milled >> lv1 tuner >> lv1 tuner >> lady of burning lake. Used Burning Lake and 1 tuner to destroy Book then Rekindling!!! That made him a Librarian with a lv1 tuner left. He normal summoned Battle Fader to synchro Formula. Draw 2! He got another Rekindling!!! He made Laval Dragoon? (Lv5) to return Shien to extra deck and made Quasar Dragon!! GM and Kizan died and Quasar is now staring at William who conceded in his turn.

Epic duel. Both players god drawed. :))
wasnt able to watch the finals as it was getting late but I hoped the Laval won.^^ I miss Lib+Formula.

Thanks for reading!


  1. what's that superweapon??? sorry noob here ^_^

  2. Its not such a big secret. you can infer what it is since there's not many cards out there with a 1500LP cost. ^^

  3. Autonomous Action Unit I suppose ? ^^

  4. Why didn't William book his opponent's formula ? He neg storm so he should've have his book still intact right ? Or am I missing something ?

  5. You missed that Lady of Burning Lake destoyed Book before he activated Rekindling.