Friday, March 30, 2012

DT Chronicles 1

Now this is interesting...

Afaik, chronicles = retelling of a story? hmm

There should only be two possibilities for this:

1. Either Genesis Star God - Sophia really did reset the whole history of the DT universe. Meaning, the DT archetypes get new support (to replace the Synchros with Exceeds) and the DT story may have a new future, hopefully without Worms. :))


2. This is a recap/reprint of the DT exclusive cards in order to make it available to the Asia countries. I do hope this one is correct so that everyone can experience what the Japanese play.

We can see a trend in Konami.

The TCG boosters are getting released at ALMOST the same time as OCG.
TCG gets their DT exclusives faster now
OCG are getting some TCG exclusives even outside EXP boosters (eg. Zenmaines)
(If No.2 is correct) DT exclusives are now being reprinted for the Asia region.

If this continues, we might see a yugiworld where we wont need to divide ourselves as TCG or OCG!
Now that is cool. :) Hopefully Sophia (though his/her art IS henious) really do reset YGO history.


  1. Good article!

    There are many cards that Reset the trends YUGIOH world. Just like BLS and DMoC. Then Synchros. Now, this one.

    Looking forward on your speculation, especially the merge of TCG and OCG.

  2. are you sure that this legal for the Asia format?? :)

  3. Not really sure. It's just my speculations on it. By my money goes to this possibility