Monday, March 26, 2012

So Rabbit's weakest matchup is Grapha? lol

Dark World won TCG's 100th YCS Anniversary Tournament that was attended by who-knows-how-many-there-are-really duelists that were estimated to be 4200+.

Congratulations to the winner - Michael Balan - as (quoting him) he defeated a total of 7 Rabbit matchups.
The first thing that came to my mind was... the hell did Grapha survive Macro Cosmos???

Surely it was not because of the Gellenduo that Balan sided. (lol, what happened to good ol' Snowman?)
Royal Decree may be a relevant factor but it wasn't like Rabbit players don't expect it against them. Decree is the first card I WOULD side in against Rabbit (after Snowman Eater/Rykos).

So how did Grapha and his armies win?
(im surprised I dont see Grapha making a proud post at the Konami blog yet)

Its coz the Rabbit player drew the worst hand possible in a finals match.

Triple Kabazauls?
Double Fiendish Chain? (y didnt he side this out?)
No Rabbit drawn?

lolgg. I see what he did there. :))


  1. Grapha did make a post already.

  2. Grapha was like "I told you so ..."