Sunday, March 4, 2012

T-Report: 3/3/12 Asia Format

Went to the official store yesterday to join the first tournament of the new banlist. 
(Can't say new format since it is still Inzector-Ragia-Windup format). 

3/3/12 Asia Format
Participants: 16
Deck Used: Inzectors 

My objective for today is to try using Card Car D in the deck and feel if it is beneficial or not. 

From the usual decklist of Trooper Inzectors I removed...
-1 Armageddon Knight (ran only 1 copy before)
-1 Effect Veiler (ran 3 copies before)
-1 MST (ran 2 copies before)
to add...
+1 Gruf
+2 Card Car D

Replacing Armaknight with Inzector Gruf is common sense since Gruf satisfies the reason why we run Armaknight (to get Hornet). My theory-oh tells me that even though I reduce the copies of Veiler and MST, with 2 Card Car D's replacing them, I should still have the same odds of drawing them back. Also, I dont like to use 3 Cars since I dont want to draw another Car with the effect. This is also the reason why I reduced Veiler and only added 1 Gruf.

Round1: vs. Timothy Vivit (Inzectors) 0-x-0 *won die roll
G1 = Drew 2 with Car 1st turn, then Duality. Veiler'd his Damsel, survived DAD, and did my stunts.
G2 = (I side out Cars when I go 2nd) My Hornet gets Crowed. Went back and forth using all the luck I have to counter all his Inzector plays. When it came to the point that he had no more Inzector in the deck, no card in hand, and only Revise, Leviair, and Centi on field, my luck ran out and didnt draw any Centi or Damsel to pair with my Foolish Burial in hand.
G3 = Drew 2 with Car again and got Allure and another Car when I had no DARKs in hand. lol. I hate drawing a 2nd Car. Again, stalled his play using Reborn on his Hornet and hid it under Zenmaines. In the end, a Veiler on his Inzektor then spamming my own won the game.

Round2: vs. Orlando Rivera (Wind-up Inzectors) 0-x-0 *won die?
Cant remember much from this except that I, again, drew Car B with Car A's effect. >_< Damn. Should I just play 1 Card Car D? Good thing I had Duality too to get good traps. Also, I recall using Maxx C when he tried to loop me. He continued and tossed my Damsels but got 8? hand cards after his stunts and Soul Release. Still won coz of super card advantage.

Semis: vs. Rabbit Ragia x-0-x *lost die
G1 = 1st turn Ragia with backrows of Demon's Chain, etc. Didn't have a good draw to retaliate so I tried to bait his Ragia's effect with Car since I have Storm drawn., but he didn't lol. This is the matchup where I regret not maining 2 MSTs.
G2 = 1st turn Car + Duality with set Warning and Decree. He summons Sabersaurus, I negated it. He set 3 cards. I used Decree. I forgot how he tried to remove Decree but he failed to do so. He had 2 Shadow Mirrors, Fiendish Chain, and Cosmos? facedown. wow.
G3 = I got him pinned by Decree but didnt have Inzectors to apply pressure. He beat me down to 1700LP then I got Centipede. Killed his Breaker and Grand Mole on field. But died when he used Dark Hole and attacked directly with his top draw Guaiba (his only monster).

The Finals match was Ragia vs Ragia so I didnt watch it anymore. 

In the end I get another Booster Pack as prize for getting to Semis, lol. Got the Cyda-like Hieroglyph and sold it. Well, at least I get my entrance money back, lol. Plus, I get good practice against Inzectors and Ragia.

Card Car D was playing 50-50 in my mind now. I hate drawing Car then Car again. Next time I'll try to just main 1 Car and replace the other with another Gruf.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Blame it on bad luck than on the card itself, much like how you always got 2 Rats in hand when you played Inzecter-Wind-ups XD Theoretically, maining 2-3 Card Car D is just so you have more chances of drawing 1 in your opening.

  2. Theoretically, maining 2-3 Card Car D also increases the chances of drawing 1 with a Car's draw 2 effect.