Sunday, September 2, 2012

Start again in the New Format!

It's a new format and I'm back from a very long hiatus. Was busy at career-related things and still am today and for the next coming months but I think I'm a bit settled now and would be able to at least play on DN and on the local shop when i get back to Manila for a free weekend.

 A lot has happened in the past 5 months that i want to share....

First of all,
Thanks to all the friendly players from Singapore that we met and hung out with last Asia Champs 2012! You guys were great and accomodating and congratulations to the 2-time champ Jeff. Sold a lot of Asia cards to buy what I need haha. I guess I'll choose not to upload the pix of what happened coz it's already sooo late for them.

Wslasher told me that he'll be teaming up with someone else for Asia Plus 2012 this coming Oct or Nov. Looks like I'll need to make or join a new team for the event. Calling anyone there who wants to team up with me? haha. Even though I wasnt able to play in tournaments for the last few months, I still think I have my game with me as i can still win most of the time when I'm playing with my friends in their local mini tourney. Haha, btw, I would like to have teammates that I know and can trust (can carry me to the finals when i scrub haha) just like my previous team. Thanks!

Well, I'll be cutting this post up to here since it's starting to be a wall of text. I'll just share my thoughts on my next posts.

Thanks for checking my blog again and welcome to the new format!

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