Monday, September 24, 2012

Zexal Weapons + Utopia

Let's lean back and relax a bit from the rush of the competitive scene and let's look at some new cards from the upcoming Cosmo Blazar booster set. The Flame Dance archetype reminds me of the Shakugan no Shana anime with a mix of Chinese elements. However, it's not them that I want to mention today.

= add 1200 atk + all ZW indestructible by effects + sub-destroy by effects to a Utopia monster

= add 1300 atk + untargetable by effects + sub-destroy by battle to a Utopia monster

You remember how Gigamantis attaches itself to any Inzektor and, well, these cards do the same thing barring they can only be equipped to a "Utopia" monster. So far, that's Utopia itself and Utopia Ray (perhaps we'll see more non-Xyz Utopia monsters someday?). Tornado Bringer is my choice over the two since it's better to be untargetable once your Utopia is already on the field. Generic traps out there like BTH and Torrential guarantee that your Utopia is already destroyed way before it can be equipped with anything, so, barring Mirror Force and Dark Hole, there should be nothing else that is a staple that can kill something that is untargetable. Also, you can use/side in Lightning Blade against kill-all decks like Lightsworn and Anti-meta.

Xyz Utopia is easy to summon nowadays. Photon, Gadgets, etc., maybe we can see Utopia decks in the future that uses these new ZW cards since a 3800 ATK Utopia that cannot be targeted by anything SHOULD be able to troll anyone.

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