Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inzektors: Still trying?

Inzektor Damsel
Inzektor Hornet

The consistency of the Inzektor deck is down because of this. Some may argue that they still have 2 Limit Rebirths and 3 Call of the Haunteds to reuse Damsel, however, the chances of pulling the lone Damsel (not to mention the lone Hornet too) from the deck by drawing then putting it in the grave are slim. Without Damsel, you can only rely on Centipede to gain a +1 which is NOT that great at all compared to other fast decks around.

There are ways to get them out though.

1. Card Trooper / Card Car D
The staples of an Inzektor deck. We all know already what these do.

2. Mystic Tomato 
If not beaten by battle, *most of the time* it becomes a waste. Well, you can input more stuff here to combo such as Creature Swap since most of the Grufs you'll likely draw would be dead without Hornet too.

3. Armageddon Knight 
Useful for Hornet dump. You can dump Damsel just to use your revival cards for it though this move can be easily read by your opponent. You can put Zephyros too for other cool moves. Its also another floater that you can use your Swap on. 

4. *soon* Tour Guide + Sangan
As soon as EXP 2012 arrives, the broken TCG exclusive gives another chance to get Damsel or Hornet out. However, Sangan requires to be killed again first and that means either you'll wait for you opponent to do something, make suicide, or Swap it again. 

OH BTW, while you are putting a lot of effort into getting Damsel/Hornet out of your deck into your graveyard for your revival tricks, you may also want to consider the ONLY move your opponent needs to do to make your life miserable and that is...

Before, DD Crow isn't so much of a big deal since we can just make Leviair and counter-attack. But now, the black bird is like a finisher since without Damsel nor Hornet you cannot make Leviair easily unless you spend like 2-3 cards for it.

Think it through, what if...

1. You have Damsel, but no Hornet?
Just make a Rank 4-5 Xyz with Gruf, of course. But does that accomplish much? No since next turn you only have Centipede in hand.

2. You have Hornet, but no Damsel?
What? Get +1 using Centipede to fetch... Centipede again? Lame.

3. You dont have Hornet nor Damsel.
GG... Centipede justs replaces itself with no real advantage.

and the worst of all...

4. You have Gruf in hand... but no Hornet...

This just means that Gruf is only useful when Damsel is around. It doesn't work that well with Centipede. Drawing any combination of Inzektor without either Damsel or Hornet available is basically dead without help from other cards. This is what we mean when we say inconsistent and this is also why Inzektors would prove to be a bad choice in the current meta. 

Even though this was my deck of choice the previous format and would have liked to still give a chance to it, I cannot do so because testing new stuff for it would spend a lot of time and this is what I currently don't have. So I have no choice but to use a different deck to take to Asia Plus.

Next time, we'll discuss about a deck that is THE pioneer of consistency and is currently, imo, one of the top decks but suffers under the Asia format. No... its not Wind-Ups.... we'll be talking about Offering Machina Gadgets and how we can try to cope without the use of Tinplate Goldfish and the badass Rank4 Xyz monsters not legal in Asia format. 

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