Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trading Etiquette vs. Morality

Just because of ME???
Its funny how everyone panics over the recent news about promo cards being legal for the asia format. I saw in our Facebook trading group that 2 persons were quarelling over the sale of a Thunder King Raioh. 

PlayerA had set up a deal to buy a set of Raioh from PlayerB later this afternoon. They made this agreement before the new legality issue was around.

Now, when Raioh is legal to use, PlayerB wanted to cancel their deal because he wants to use the Raioh for himself. PlayerA does not want to cancel but PlayerB insists, so PlayerA reported him to the admin in the "bad trader thread". PlayerB gets banned from the group but before that he and PlayerA had bickered and foul-mouthed each other over the whole evening resulting with them supposedly having a confrontation later this afternoon. LOL

Well, FYI, we have strict rules in our trading group regarding cancellation of deals and it is very simple.... there is no cancellation. I understand this is to prevent bad deals and all and I have no problem with this rule. Except, there should be a limit to how you can apply this rule. I believe that cancelling because of the sudden legality issue is valid. Its common for us to sell cards that we cannot use. If I were selling Raioh before because I wasn't able to use it and I want to use it now since I can, I believe I have a right to do so because it is MY CARD. They can argue that this goes against good trading etiquette since I already said Yes to the buyer, but still, it is against your moral obligation to another person to take advantage of him because of it!

To better see my point, let's take this example. 

Before the Sept2012 banlist was announced, let's say Jon has arranged a deal to buy a DT Brionac from Snow; but, a day after this, the banlist came out saying Brionac is newly banned. Of course, Jon wanted to cancel the deal since he cannot use the Brionac anymore but Snow insists that he buy it because of the trading group rule (using it to his advantage because his Brionac is now worthless). If you were the admin, would you force Jon to continue the deal, and if he doesn't, it will result with his perma-ban from the group?

See what I mean? Ppl can make use of things like rules and trading etiquette to their own advantage. They tend to forget the little bit of morality in things when it comes to cards and money. If you want to rip off someone, please be at least decent enough to let him back out of the deal once he realizes he is being conned. If he doesn't realize it and you finish the deal, then lucky you. But if he does, you can't force him to be ripped off using pressure from other ppl. Just let it go man. We're not kids anymore. 

With Gadgets being run by most ppl here in the Philippines, it's not uncommon to see everyone looking for Raioh to use against them. In my perspective, that PlayerA is so desperate to find his own Raioh set that he doesn't care about the other person's MORALLY CORRECT reason and takes advantage of the group rules to get what he wants. Well, this is just my two cents anyway. I'm not an admin of that group so I can't meddle with it but, if one of the admins come to read this, I hope this can change how they'll judge things next time.

Oh, btw, i'm in no way PlayerA nor PlayerB. I'm just ranting because I saw their irritating and very long bickering at the group. haha

And quoting Karlo, "it'll be funny when those who are now buying lots of promos realize that the news is not applicable to the Philippines." hahaha

Thanks for reading!

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