Sunday, September 30, 2012

T-Report: Old Asia Format 9/30/12

I say Old Asia format since until now we aren't allowed to use promo cards. Hope we can get to do so for the team tournament qualifier this end of October. Tried Gadgets so I can have a good feel if it is valid for me to use in the coming qualifiers.

Deck Used: Offering Machina Gadgets
Participants: 16
Single Eliminations

Round1: BYE. opp didnt show up. Lucky to have free win. Unlucky to get no practice

Round2: vs. Chiro Morillo (Six Samurai) 0-0-
G1 = No 1st turn Shien but he used a lot of Fiendish Chains. He misplayed with his Heavy Storm (3-2 exchange, his loss) which enabled my Chain'd Fortress to move again.
G2 = He ended with only a set card. Me did the same (Ultimate Offering). He used Gateway and United and used Ascetism with his normal summoned Hermit. I activated my f/d Offering before he had a Shien and used MaxxC. I drew 10 cards with him completing a field of Excalibur, 2 Kizans, Shien, Grandma. He attacked but I summoned a 6000 ATK Trago, gg.

Round3: vs. Vincent Lim (Agents) X-0-0
G1 = Both of us were farming 5-6 cards in hand while still able to commit considerably on the field. But in the end I was the one who first got to spend more cards early since a Catastor and Hyperion is hard to kill without Dark Hole.
G2 = Venus+Gachi got over my Gearframe. I killed Venus back with Photon Slasher, summon Gadget, then made a Maestroke to defend. Both of us had def monsters and it went back and forth but I think he had subpar draws so I got game.
G3 = Venus+Gachi but killed by Photon Slasher again, lol. Slasher is a success, haha. I set 2, he used Storm, I chain Complusory to get rid of his Gachi. Tried to push for game a few turns after and won. Looks like he got no more monsters to press with.

Finals: vs. Brian (Chaos(?) Machina Gadget) 0-0-
G1 = He set a Ryko, it destroyed my f/d. Though it was a tech but next he summoned a BLS to directly attack me but I summoned a 3000 atk Tragoedia. Nxt turn it went over BLS and it was smooth sailing to victory.
G2 = He used Mind Crush to send my Green Gadget to GY but I had a Red Gadget and Ultimate Offerring. He bluffed two cards f/d but I pushed and got game.

My impressions of today:
-Photon Slasher owns. haha. Kills a lot of turn1 biggies like Venus, Kizan, Gearframe
-Mirror Force is so good.
-Gagaga Gunman! haha, its not safe to leave 500 LP when paying for Ultimate Offering.
-Tried to use Chaos Hope to end the finals but fail. No achievement. :(

Pros of the deck if I use it in team:
-doesn't use Duality, so I can give it to someone else
-doesn't use other Xyz besides Rank 4 and only uses 1 of each xcept Giganto
-doesn't require to use power staples such as Reborn and Heavy Storm
-lots of good cards that you can use even without a couple of staples
-can side in hate cards like Cosmos and other continuous traps

-lots of traps
-predictable deck, one-trick pony deck, Many expect the deck to be used in the tournamnet
-easily dies to a well-planned or crazy-drawn OTK
-has problems dealing against 2500+ monsters and esp. Catastor/Tiras/Crimson Shadow
-easily locked by Raioh

Got my prizes and left the store to go to our friend's house for a birthday party. haha.

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