Sunday, October 7, 2012

T-Report: New Asia Format 10/6/12

Goodnews:  Finally we can now get to use promo cards in our Asia Format.

Badnews:   I'll be returning to the provinces again tomorrow for my flight training. I'll miss Yugioh again and a stable internet connection.

So before I go, I'll want to practice my deck setup for the team tournament qualifier this end of October. I won't be able to practice irl again. Well, I think I can get to join a tournament before I travel tomorrow.

Deck Used: Offering Machina Gadget
Participants: 16
Single Eliminations

Round1: vs. Chaos Dragons 0-x-0
G1 = He summoned Lyla and ended to milled cards including a Zephyros. I drew 3 Gadgets, a trap, mst, and Trago. I summon a Gadget and ended. He summoned Debris Dragon and revived something. He summoned Light Pulsar Dragon next and synchro'd a Trident Dragion. wtf. He revived Zephyros and used Trident's effect. Luckily, I had that Tragoedia so I didnt get killed that turn. I have lots of advantage by then so I won eventually.
G2 = Time was called and I lost in the end, so...
G3 = Last 3 turns, but I had Inverz Roach on my 1st turn so got super control of the game.

Round2: vs. Anti-Meta 0-x-0
G1 = Expected him to have Raioh. Reserved my Dark Hole for it and my MSTs to his set cards before that.
G2 = Didn't know he uses Emergency Teleport so I ate a Black Rose Dragon, then a Wisel. lol, shouldn't have sided out my Starlight Road.
G3 = Ultimate Offering. nuff said

Round3: vs. Black Feather 0-0-
G1 = Was able to use Ultimate Offering on his turn. Summoned 3 Gadgets then he SS'd Gale to make Black Rose Dragon at MP2 and wiped the board along with his traps. Got advantage so I won eventually.
G2 = Ultimate Offering + Limiter Removal. Sorry man. haha

Finals: vs. Chaos Lightsworn x-0-0
G1 = Got Storm'd and he summoned Pulsar, Judgment Dragon, and Red Eyes.
G2 = Poor mills for him. Used Black Corn on his Card Trooper. He didn't get his grave running.
G3 = He summoned Trooper and milled mediocre. Used Black Corn on it again and set Mind Crush, Macro Cosmos, and Prison. Used Crush on his turn and called Storm. He doesnt have it and I saw Red eyes, Dark Flare, Trago, Plague, Judgment Dragon and Foolish Burial. He discarded my Gadget. He used Foolish, I chained Macro. He made Black Rose Dragon with Pulsar and Plague. We went to top decking as time was called. I won when he cannot get over my Utopia and Inverz Roach.

Got lots of side against the mirror but didn't meet any today so hopefully I can get to do so tomorrow.
Thanks for reading!

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