Monday, October 8, 2012

T-Report: Asia Format 10/7/12

It's the third tourney report in a row I'm writing about, haha, and sadly, it didn't end like all the previous ones.
It's sort of bigger than the rest also since the tournament prize was a Gold Box for the champion (not that much but better than what we usually have) so the player turnout was higher too. I didn't get to take note of how many exactly though but I guess it was around 24+.

Deck Used: Offering Machina Gadgets
4-round Swiss then Top 10 cut (since there were 3 seeded players, lol)

Round1: vs. Piper Chaos 0-0-
G1 = I made a GigantX and ended as I had a hand full of Gadgets. He summoned Cyber Vary and ended as well. That tipped me off that he could be using DSummon's new Photon deck or a Piper deck. I tried to take  the Vary for myself using Big Eye but he Veiler'd so I continued to push then nxt turn made a Shock Ruler.
G2 = He had Decree'd me early so I wasn't able to push hard. Wasn't able to draw removals till I drew Fortress. I had Shock Ruler but he took it with Creature Swap. I attacked it with Fortress but he used Honest so I got rid of his Decree and had all my traps online and won.

Round2: vs. Roy (Genex Mermail) 0-x-x
G1 = I set 4 and he took out a Compulsory with his set Abyssphere but I was left with Torrential, Warning, and Judgment. With these traps I was able to at least have both of us go to top decking mode. I drew and was able to make a GigantX and ditched both hand for Fortress and left him with 400 LP. He was able to make a LV7 synchro and he opted for Black Rose Dragon and ended. I drew a MaxxC and attacked with it next turn. If he made a Gungnir instead, he would've won.
G2 = Decree and got combo'd
G3 = Time was called. Made a Gigant X and ended. I didnt draw traps again. He set 2 cards. I need to damage him at least so I made a Maestroke and Fortress as I know he is running 2 Mirror Forces. He took all the damage and I was confident I'd win since I have a Maxx C and Dark Hole in hand if ever he has an answer to my monsters. His turn I used Maxx C then he used Ultimate Offering to make a Mist Wurm that bounced all my monsters. I discarded Megalo from his hand as he might be hiding a Salvage or Avarice in his set cards but it was Monster Reborn. I got OTK'd that turn since I didn't draw Tragoedia nor Scarecrow. :(

Round3: vs. Lightsworn 0-0-
G1 = He got Lumina+Garoth+Wulf+Gardna(mill). Seems perfect opening but I had Offering. Made Shock Ruler and denied all his monster effects.
G2 = Macro Cosmos locked him out.  

Round4: vs. Rock Stun 0-0-
G1 = He drew a Xyz monster and he conceded.
G2 = He traded his Koaki Wall for my MST and I just set my traps not summoning a Gadget. His turn he summonded a Gogogo Giant and attacked. It went to defense after. I summoned a Gadget and he used Skill Drain but I used Seven Tools for it. He didn't draw enough monsters compared to my backrow so I won.

Top12: vs. X-Sabers 0-x-0
G1 = Black Corn on his Emmersblade, saved my BTH for Faultrol, and it was smooth sailing.
G2 = He got me denied of my Gadgets with Saber Hole and didn't drew another copy while he kept attacking with Boggart. He made Shien with his Hermit and Pashuul and it was gg
G3 = Macro Cosmos and Mind Crush locked him down.

Top8: vs. Rock Stun 0-0-
G1 = His Grand Mole kept attacking to my monsters as he didn't have any choice so I won eventually thru advantage.
G2 = He kept on negating my Gadgets with Koaki Guardian but I have Call of the Haunteds so I still have the advantage.

Top4: vs. TG Agents x-0-x
G1 = I got him running with only 1200 LP left while using only Photon Slasher coz I didnt draw any Gadgets. Somehow he got rid of it and I didn't draw any Gadget at all. :( I had Double Summons ready if ever I was able to draw 1.
G2 = Used Deck Devastation Virus on him on his 1st turn and killed the infield Balls (Venus eff) and a Werewolf. I knew all his cards for the next 3 turns so I won with playing around them.
G3 = Made GigantoX but got no traps but had Maxx C. He summons Cyber Dragon. Ditched Maxx C. He made Chimeratech, Venus + 3 balls + Xyz into Gachi + BLS. I drew like 6 cards but didn't get Tragoedia or Scarecrow again. :( wtf is with my dumb luck.

So in the end, I felt bad about my loss. Not drawing Trago nor Scarecrow when your opponent disregarded good logic against Maxx C is so retarded. It's like dumb luck is rewarding those players who just continued with their OTK while thinking they don't care about Trago, Gorz, Fader, or Scarecrow. 

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