Monday, October 15, 2012

PH Team Qualifier Tickets SOLD OUT

Only the first 32 teams to register are allowed to play.

Why only 32?

For the sake of the tournament format (single eliminations) given by Konami.
32 > 16 > 8 > 4 > 2 > Win

That means, if more teams would like to participate, there should be 32 more wanting to join to reach 64.

Now, 64 teams amounts to 192 players in all. If I remember correctly, the largest turnout here was around 100. It would take a miracle to get 90+ players more. But we never know what could happen, right? In fact, there's a waiting list after the first 32 teams where your team can queue up and replace a team in the first 32 if they dont show up on the day of the tournament itself or if there's a problem and they cannot join anymore. If it happens that 32 teams queue up in the waiting list, we might just see a milestone of 64 teams in the tournament! It really would be a long shot, but, positively thinking, what's the harm in queuing up and taking a chance instead of just giving up entirely?

This is why PH don't have team qualifying tournaments like other countries. Haha, its hard just to get a large amount of ppl to join. Plus, ppl tend to wait until the last day of registration before they would join. This is why many are ranting now.

It's funny. Ppl bought expensive promos for the team tournament but didn't bother registering for it early.
Haha, can I borrow those cards now that you can't use them?? :))


  1. It would be really good if we get to 64 teams. That will mean that PH Yugioh is really alive and kicking again.

    Or those in the waitlist can just lend us their cards. I still need a Tiras and Scrap Dragon but I can't get the 1000php to buy them. XD

  2. I just need a whole Hero deck to borrow. LOL

  3. hahaha everything you pointed out was right, filipinos will not change the easy way hahaha...