Thursday, October 18, 2012

F*** EXP on Qualifiers!

Here goes a rant...

Crap! Our official shop has just recently announced that, if it arrives by this weekend here, EXP2012 will be legal for our qualifiers at the end of the month.

How the hell can I shell out money to afford boxes in 2 days?? :( Tour Guide and Wind-up hell is coming.


  1. LOL, the guys over here allow cards that would be release days later in tournaments. More like, its here? Use it, as long as its not on any list

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    1. EDIT

      Yeah, fortunately I got a Shark on my 1st box. Traded it to a Tour Guide haha. My teamm8 got another TourGuide on his 1st box too so at least our problem is solved for the qualifiers.