Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's a random New Years picture. XD

Happy new year to everyone and thank you for making this blog a success! Hopefully, next year I'll get to say this greeting again here! :)

What can we expect in YGO for 2012?

Well, Konami has been very unpredictable with their decisions. I can say that YGO is undergoing a large change but Konami is doing it at a step-by-step approach.

Unbanning of power cards (BLS, Storm, DHole, Reborn)
Introduction of new Xyz mechanic
SD having 2 URs
GS having a TCG exclusive
Reprinting of BE boosters
Booster 801 scheduled for an early release
New Asia tournament (Top Shop)

Who knows what the next move of Konami is? Hopefully, the game gets more fun this year!

That's all everyone! Have a great new year's celebration!

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