Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too much hate against Inzects?

So the latest "hot" topic in our forums is about what will be hit in the March banlist. As you can see in the picture, much hate is directed towards the Inzecter/Inzector/Inzektor deck. Much more hate towards its upgrade, Wind-up Inzecters.

Some want Damsel/Dragonfly to be semi-limited. Others go as far as wanting Hornet be limited. On the Wind-up side, Zenmaighty to limited or Hunter to forbidden? lol

They say they're tired of seeing too much winning Inzecter decks online. Imo, the format is good already since we can at least see different decks winning consistently. There's also Agents, Rabbit, Pure Windup, Laval and the occassional DWs, GK, Heros, Gadgets, Junkdo, Samurai. See, there's lots of deck viable now!

Let's not forget the TG Agent domination before the Inzecters came. Do they want to see the endless Agent decks back if they EVER hit Inzecters this March? lol. I'll bet they'll whine again about Agents if this does happen.


  1. My banlist spec lol

    Zenmai Hunter


    Magic cylinder

  2. its too early to hit them that bad. remember the era of infernities and six sams. it took two banlist to hit them hard. Its all about good side decking. once you have a good side deck you can pretty much cream any deck XD provided you have a good starting hand hehehehe.

  3. It's too early to cripple them. Plus it's very unfair, in my opinion. The people complaining about Inzecters today are also the ones who were whining when Samurais had 3 Gateways and Blackwings had 3 Gales! And, well, that's just pathetic. @_@