Sunday, January 8, 2012

T-Report! 1/7/12 Asia Format

Today is a lucky day, lol.

GS2012 is released today and lots of players bought boxes and packs. Estimated prices of each single card plummet by the hour and it wasn't long until one can just ask an acquaintance for 1$ Zenmaines/Stardust, free GR Armageddon Knight, Prisons, etc. Got plenty of free stuffs myself w/o buying a single pack, lol. Expecting to get more next week, XD

Also got a free entry into the Pod 3 (7pm) tournament because a guy bought a GS pack and I was beside him. He said he wasn't gonna enter a tournament with his pack and me and my friend asked if we can enter instead of him. (To enter a tournament here, you need to buy a 150Yen pack. So, 1 150Yen = 1 Entry. But 1 GS pack = 300Yen. That means 2 Entries.) LUCKY! Free game!

Format: Asia Ranking
Single Eliminations
Participants: 16
Deck Used: Inzector Wind-up

Round1: vs. Lightlord 0-x-0
G1 = Able to do Zenmai loop early but dumped a Plague, Bulb, Gardna, and Wulf! zomgwtf! Luckily I had Warning and Judgment to save me from the Chaos Sorcs and Synchros he tried to make.
G2 = Got Light Mirror from Duality. Set LIM, BTH, and Damsel f/d. His turn he blind MSTs the BTH, summoned Ehren and attacked but I flipped LIM to save Damsel. My turn I made the Zenmai loop with my Damsel and Hunter since I didnt draw Hornet and dumped sh1t again like Gardna, Plague?, and Celestia. Misplayed also when I didn't set my MST and he was able to stop my LIM with Decree. Epic fail turn was when I had Centipede faceup, Mind Crush f/d, and drew Hornet as my only hand card. I used Mind Crush and called Judgment Dragon to check his hand and even if I fail to call right Hornet will be dumped and still can be used by Centipede. Saw his hand and he has DDCrow. lolwut, scoop.
G3 = Got LIM again and this time was able to keep control and advantage with Damsel loop.

Round2: vs. Loki (Gladiator Rabbit Ragia) x-0-0
G1 = He summons Rabbit and I Veiler'd. He set 5. I got no Storm nor MST, :( summoned Damsel and equipped Hornet and he flips Macro Cosmos. fail. Tried to kill his Rabbit to prevent Ragia at least but he used Compulsory on Damsel. scoop.
G2 = Went back and forth. My only Hornet was banished by his Retiari. He has Andals, some GBs, and Test Tigers in his deck, lol. Was able to comeback with Zenmai loop to dump some of his cards.
G3 = Rabbit into Ragia + 1 backrow. Looks like he drew bad. Used MST to bait his Ragia but he let it go since it was also MST that he set. I played a little mind game. I had Centibeet and Foolish Burial in hand. I used Duality and took a Hornet and summoned it. Looks like he got confused and he didnt negate. I activate Burial and again he let it go so I dumped another Hornet and his Ragia was killed. He was still able to fight back though until he did Rabbit >> 2 Andals >> Test Tiger >> Bestiari >> Gyzarus >> Laquari and Darius + Retiari from GY. That was 6 special summons! However, I was able to chain Maxx C on the Rabbit effect and also drew to 10 cards in hand. My turn his field and hand got wiped.

Top4: vs. Karlo [his blog] (Dimensional Rabbit Ragia) 0-x-0
G1 = No Ragia but 5 backrow. I used Duality to get MST and summoned Damsel and tried to equip Hornet but he chained Demon's Chain. I thought for a while to not use MST to destroy Chain since he might have a Macro Cosmos set also but used it anyway since if Damsel got negated I dont have any follow-up play next. Luckily he didn't have Cosmos so I got advantage with the Damsel loop.
G2 = Rabbit but I Veiler. He used Duality to get Warning and he set 2 backrow. I have Kappa and another Veiler. I used Duality to get BTH to prevent Ragia and set it along my 2nd Pot and Kappa. His turn he summoned Guaiba >> BTH >> he chains Forb. Lance from his set cards! omg. I Veiler again his Rabbit so he attacks with his 900 ATK Guaiba and my 900 DEF Kappa destroys both his Warning and my Pot but it survived. He made Hope with Guaiba and Rabbit. My turn I had Hornet but no other Inzecter so I used it and Kappa to Xyz Zenmaines to stall. Of course he didnt try to attack it too and he was able to draw Rabbits again earlier than me drawing other Inzecters.
G3 = Drew 2 Centibeets, 2 Instant Fusions, Foolish Burial and Veiler. Summoned Centibeet and equipped it with Hornet and set Ramen. His turn he used Storm. I fetched Damsel. He summoned Kabazauls to kill Centibeet and set 2. Summoned another Centibeet, equipped Hornet and destroyed Chain Disappearance! Wew. Luckily, I learned not to summon Damsel carelessly anymore. Cant remember how but was able to do the Zenmai loop and dumped his 2 other Kabazauls in hand! Last I Xyz a Revise Dragon and attacked Kabazauls but it got killed by Shrink. His turn he drew Guaiba and I used Veiler. He attacked Zenmaighty with Guaiba and Kabazauls attacked directly. He made Ragia in MP2. Summoned a Damsel but it got negated of course and set BTH from Duality. His turn he got Warning from Duality, omg! My turn I drew Heavy Storm!!! I also got Damsel in hand, win!

Finals: vs. Orlando (TG Agent Angel) 0-0-
G1 = Zenmai loop dumped his hand.
G2 = He had Shadow Mirror. But was able to draw Heavy Storm a couple of turns later so was able to do Damsel loop into Zenmai loop to dump his hand.

Final Result: 1st Place. Got 2 ORCS packs and a TP. Pulled a 3D Chaos Hope and an Ulti Exa-beetle. TP as usual is crap.

Good way to start the new year! :D Free cards, free tournament, tournament win, and holo prizes!


  1. This is looking to be a profitable year lol

  2. i wonder how you've veiler rabbit since he's effect activate not on field right?

  3. Hoping for it to be a profitable year,haha

    If you use Veiler on it before it activates its effect, you can stop it.

  4. Remember Asia format follows OCG priority ruling. So yes you can Veiler Rabbit in OCG. In TCG though sadface...