Monday, January 30, 2012

Post before the month ends and things to come

Sorry to ya'll for not posting the entire month of January. 
Sooo busy with work and what to do next. If I picture myself as a Mage in Ragnarok Online then I'm currently at Job Lvl 50 and need to make a decision whether to become a Wizard or a Sage. Its hard to make a choice that can and would determine your life in the future. >_<

Well actually, only my daytime is used up at work. Nighttime is consumed by FF13! I haven't finished the game and the sequel of it (FF13-2) is going to be released tomorrow! Ugh. At the very least, I need to finish the story tonight!

So that's the story why there's no post. However, there are lots of things I want to blog about for the next few days to make up to you readers.

1. The new archetype: Hieroglyph Dragons
I know I'm a bit late in regards to this news but I still want to share my view regarding them.

2. Banlist Speculations
I noticed almost everyone is making their prediction list. I'll do mine too. :)) 

3. Card Review: Photon Streak Bouncer
This is the card I am most excited about in GAOV. I'll post some things I thought up about this card such as easy ways to summon it, etc. 

4. Tourney Report: 1/27/12 Open
Was able to play and win in a tournament with 2$ entrance and gives a DW deck core set as 1st prize.

5. Asian Championships: Phillipine Qualifier/Final
Scheduled at the end of February, it'll be the premier event for Q1 2012. Most probably the best players of the country will come with their deck-of-choice for the chance to represent in Singapore! What decks would they likely bring?

These are the lineup for my next posts. They may or may not be in order as they appear here but I'll blog about all of these so keep an eye out for updates!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wslasher betrayed his Samurais in favor of Inzecters, lol.
    Maybe its time to tell him to change name into "Wzecters"? XD

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. But I saw Wslasher with his Samurais battling Alvin Lim! :D

    1. Yeah, he still uses his Samurais, though only for casual games. For tournament, he uses Insects.

      @Baha, yeah, its really a disappointment for Samurai fans too. Wslasher is good at thinking up new techs and innovations for the deck. Though, not always successful, haha, but still impressive.

  4. Im not a samurai Fan, in fact I hate them.

    1. Not you, haha, I was thinking about Wslasher's Samurai fans over at Pojo. One time I had a chance to look over the Sam Discussion Thread there and Wslasher looks to be an authority/celebrity there for Sam-people.


    Why did you let this happen!!!!!!!

    1. Im so upset at Konami about that. Totally ranted it out in my new post.