Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Banlist Speculation/Wishlist (Flamers come XD )

I think its only about a week or so before we get a few leaks (fake or not) of the coming March banlist changes.

What deck gets hammered? revived?
What staples get rotated in/out of the list?
Will there be another imba Forbidden card coming out of its prison, like BLS?

Here's my take of what I would like to happen...

Monster Reborn OUT/ Dark Magician of Chaos IN (FLAME START)
= I would like to see this happen. Personally, I'm always wishing my opponent doesn't draw Reborn because if he does... either he cooks up an OTK with it or I survive but with most of my defenses wasted. Of course, the same goes for if "I" was the one who draw Reborn. See the pattern?
How about DMoC? I remember him being spammed back in the DAD Return days because of Reborn and Dimension Fusion. D.Fusion is already banned and if ever Reborn goes 0, DMoC wouldn't be spammed like
a boss --- unless you want to do crazy stuff like "CoTH + IronWall" or Escape from the Different Dimension.

Mystical Space Typhoon back to Limited
= I didn't like it when Konami put this in unlimited. Its like they want us to throw away our Dust Tornados, Double Cyclones, etc.. With Heavy Storm unbanned, 1 MST is the balanced amount for the good of all decks. Plus, this will give us space in our Main and Side decks.

Bottomless Trap Hole unlimited
= Why are boss monsters thriving in our games compared to the metas before? Its because BTH was put to 2. Yes we have Solemn Warning to pair with the 2 BTHs... but can Warning save us from 2x Call of the Haunted and Reborn? No, lol.

That's it for generic stuff... here's some things deck-specific:

Inzecter Hornet limited (FLAME START)
= Some say Damsel will be hit, but I dont think so. Why? They hit Damsel and the entire deck goes down. Damsel is the only "real" threat in an Inzecter deck because using her to spam Hornets garners you plenty of plusses. Take away Hornet from that then you only get a chance to spam Centipedes and get BTH'd after. Plus, even without Hornet the deck can still function using the new LV2 Inzecter to spam Rank 5 Xyz monster but with a risk since you weren't able to destroy anything on your opp's side.

Agent of Creation - Venus limited
= Because of Xyz monsters, Venus became a +1-2 card, lol. If you kill it, she becomes food for Master Hyperion. Wow, I can't believe 1 useless monster before became so powerful with just 1 SD. Please hammer it Konami. Let those Agent decks use their Mars, Mercury, or Jupiter for once.

Evolkaiser Ragia limited (FLAME START)
= They did it to Shi En, right? Its only justice that they do the same to this guy.

Future Fusion banned
= Lots of dragon themes going around now. What do they have in common? Once they draw Future Fusion, it's a whole lot of advantage and plusses for them. Additionally, they can use this in the same turn they use Pot of Duality! Talk about greediness.

Fishborg Gunner limited
= I cant believe why they needed to kill this card when they also limited Formula Synchron and Librarian at the same time. Is it because of their new "Fishborg" card? Wew, that card is only troublesome to use.

Effect Veiler limited (FLAME START)
= I DO want this to happen, lol. Yes, this move promotes self-touching decks but there's always 3x Maxx C, 3x DD Crow, 3x Orange Light, right? We all want to limit the power cards of different decks but let's give them a chance to win at least. Let's prevent anti-meta decks to become THE meta itself.

Destiny Draw unlimited
= I think its about time we give total freedom to the once broken Destiny Hero engine. There's lots of different engines available out there that are much more powerful like the Plant engine and TG engine. I'm a fanboy of DHeroes so please grant me this wish, haha

These are just some of the things I would like to happen. I haven't covered everything yet so I'll just leave that to you readers to comment about. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Honestly I like this list aide from the Veiler touch and the Fishborg touch. As long as we have cards that allow fishborg to come back every turn for free it can't come back. It hurts Waters to get rid of it but it hurts the game to keep it.

    Veiler being touched doesn't really do anything to hurt the major decks it just stalls them. But that's just me. Note: I'm quite extreme when it comes to lists so along with DMOC back I'd even go as far to say bring back Disk Commander and Malicious to 3.

    1. Disk Commander back means Reborn/Call of the Haunted is going to be imba. Haha, more GachiGachi fodder

  2. not disk to 3 just to 1 but malicious to 3 is what I meant

  3. Hmm, Limiting Veiler does promote self touch decks, but really, what do you do in first turn cases? Veiler has aided a lot of decks in countering Inzectors and Wind-up.

    I still like the list BTW, but instead of Ragia going to 1, I want rabbit to go to 2. Ragia has no use outside of Rabbit decks, and Rabbit is really the one that makes the deck work

    1. Self-touch decks can be countered too by Maxx C.

      So if Veiler is limited, you can still have:

      1x Veiler
      3x Maxx C
      0/2x DDCrow

      ^still alot, imo

    2. Maxx C is too expensive XD I only hate the list because it would turn my 600 PHP Veilers to waste XP Besides Maxx C isn't the answer to self-touch decks, it's what you draw through Maxx C.

    3. So that's why. :D I also have 3x SR Veilers but I still want them hit. lol

      Since I'm considering Windups as the only self-touch deck today, yes, Maxx C takes care of it alone.

  4. I also liked this list. But I also want to express my opinion. I think Monster Reborn will also go back to zero. MST would be Semi-Limited. BTH would be at 3, Hornet at 1. I dont like the idea that Venus would be Limited, im a Agent fan you know :D Ragia is broke, so Limited should do justice to the meta. Future Fusion, in a sense is the ace of the dragons, tons of pluses once they dump their Wyverns and whatnot, very broke. Screw Fishborg, that guy is retarded. Veiler..... not liking that he should be limited, but hey, I also hate the guy. D-draw should be Unli :D