Friday, February 17, 2012

March Banlist: The Death of Trishula

I wake up in the middle of the night because I got flooded by text messages telling me about a new banlist.
I check the blogs and other forums and here's the new "unconfirmed, yet seems true" banlist:

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Boundary
Glow-Up Bulb
Trap Dustshoot

Tech Genus Striker
Agent of Mystery - Earth

Lumina, Lightlord Summoner
Emergency Teleport
Shien's Smoke Signal
Level Limit Area-B
Torrential Tribute (!!!game changer!!!)
Ultimate Offering
Reborn Tengu

No longer on the list:
Call of the Haunted

Most things that we look for that proves a list is legit is in here:
1.  Scan of the magazine
2.  Mid-February release
3.  Shown on Shriek's blog (though its true also that Shriek posts fake lists sometimes)

There are also things here/missing that can argue this is a fake:
1.  No pic of actual promo card
2.  Includes a TCG Exclusive card (when Konami clearly announced that they wont be doing separate lists for tcg and ocg)
3.  Includes a SD debut card (agent earth)

Personally, I feel this is the real list even though its hard to fathom that Konami ultimately decided on killing the only engine feeding the synchro decks -- Plant engine.  Looks like I need to say goodbye to the deck I find very fun and exciting to play with which is Junk Doppel.

We'll miss you Tori!


Inzektors, Windups, and Rescue Rabbit weren't hit!

My gut feeling tells me a month back that the new decks (though dominating the meta) wont be getting hit yet because it is a March list. Usually, new decks and stuff are hit on the September list while old stuffs are killed in March to give way to new products. Hooray that I haven't sold all my Windup stuff yet.

So what decks are we expecting to see?

Of course, top tiers are still Inzectors, Windups, Rabbit, and Hero Beats.
Following behind are Offering gadgets (still alive), Ninjas, Lavals (no Trish but can still go Quasar/Nova), Sams (2 SSSignals but 1 Shien and no Trish? =.=) and Dark World.

New appearances by Lightlord (2 Lumina but no bulb and Trish?), Tele-dad-like decks, and Hieroglyphs can be expected. Special mention to Hieroglyphs since the deck is built strongly but not broken yet.

RIP to the decks:
Junk Doppel and all TCG "Synchrocentric" decks (oh i hate that name)
Karakuri Machina Plant
TG Agents (r1 tuners and no trish? can still play but lol)
^what else?

OH, i nearly forgot! Another major format change is 2x Torrential Tribute!!!
Imba, i haven't gotten an asia copy of 1 yet and now I need 2? fuuuu. Need 3x Call of the Haunteds too >_<


Btw, sorry for not posting stuff since I'm waiting for the banlist and a full GAOV before I post anything. Since both the banlist and a full GAOV are now spoiled, expect the next post to be about Hieroglyphs!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I won't get my hopes up for this list... Tengu on an OCG list is already an indicator that this is fake... It's like saying I'm going to limit Heiroglyph Anneid before it's release date(XD).

    1. It isn't new to Konami to hit TCG exclusives before it reaches Asia. Remember Allure of Darkness?

  2. Allure of Darkness was released in a Jump Fiesta Pack before it's official release in EXP1, if I'm not mistaken. SO yeah, Allure of Darkness was released before it was emergency banned (meaning people were able to use it for a time, not like what they would do to Reborn Tengu if this list is real.)

    1. Nope. Allure was only released 2x in OCG -- EXP1 and SD21. So no, it wasn't in ocg land yet when it was limited.

  3. Shriek deleted the list, since they can't confirm it either. Fake in my eyes, thus.

  4. Yeah, noticed that too. So please disregard this post if the list is confirmed fake. Thanks

  5. Its confirmed true by shriek.. Trishula, Farewell.