Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Banlist confirmed! More thoughts

The list is confirmed. Here's a final pic for those still in their denial stage.

Here's a link to my previous post about the complete list:

So what's new? If you look closely, you can notice an asterisk beside Reborn Tengu. It says that Tengu will be released soon (and much earlier) in the OCG that's why it was included in the list. Starter Deck 2012 anyone? Although I dont think I'll be buying 2x SD2012 just for Tengus since it wont be that useful and advantageous anymore, plus, synchro summoning (Tengu's asset) is much much harder to perform now since Bulb and Spore are gone. Alexandrite Dragon pushes me more to buy the SD. Hoping for good reprints also.

What else?

Oh yeah, I went to the shop yesterday to play but went down in the 1st round (elimination). Because of that I wasn't in the mood to register and spend ($12+) for Asia Qualifiers next Saturday. Maybe I'll register on Tuesday.

Lots of ppl were raging and complaining about the banlist when it was confirmed by late afternoon. Some were telling that they're gonna quit though I dunno if they really will. It would be shame though to see them quit just because of a banlist. Personally, I lost lots of cash also since my whole bling Junk Doppel deck is dead and I probably wouldn't be able to sell it now. My Tengus are also hit. My DT Trishula died. But they dont see me saying I quit.  Maybe they still haven't accepted the fact that Yugioh is a game where you'll continuously waste cash. You can't make a top deck and expect it to last forever. Sooner or later you'll need to change your deck. If you want to make a top tier deck, you should accept the fact that you'll only play it for 6 months or less.

Let's move on ppl! haha.

It's gonna be 6 months of Inzector, Windup, and Rabbit decks -- unless something usurps them.

No Veilers? GG
No Fiendish Chains? GG
No Maxx C? GG
No Raioh? GG? well, not much xD

Expect me to also "abuse the living shit out of Sangan and Card Trooper" with 3x Call of the Haunted and 2x Torrential Tribute!
 --quoting LFN on this cool line! Yeah!


  1. :D
    so it's real and we're all in for 6 mnths of pain.. lol..

    1. True. But I expect a new deck to come dominate in 2-3 months time.

    2. Hoping for those dragons, and maybe the excaliburs too.. Hope they're as good as their arts.. Lol.. Funny thing is, before the inzecterz came out, people wanted a new archetype to become more playable (maybe competitive). And now that they were given new toys, they're already bitching about they're old ones being banned and the new ones not being touched.. :D

    3. That's what you call life in yugimonz.