Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 2 of Asia Champs / Philippine Qualifiers

Just got home and let me start this post by saying "TEH BUILD WINS!" Haha. 

Why did I say this? Coz I won our country's qualifiers this evening with my Inzecter deck. Which build though? That was my problem before i decided to register for the tournament. As we all know, you can play the "standard/core" build, the "Wind-up" build, and the "Trooper" build. I opted to use the latter since I miss the GY shenanigans that Junk Doppel offers and this particular Inzector build takes away from the boring "normal summon, good? no? okay, end turn T.T" that standard Inzector decks suffer from.

Here's a quick rundown of the my Day 2 of the tournament:

Random pairing was done and the matchups were: (I'll put some details if I know some)

Top 8 pairings

Alvin Lim (TG Agent) *won* vs. Jeff Legarda (Evol)

William "Wslasher" Sy (Six Samurai) *won* vs. Karlo Bonillo (Inzecter, with almost same build as mine)
=Karlo should have won in Game 3 if he didn't misplay with making a Zenmaines with his unused and newly-revived Damsel mistaking it as his Veiler'd Damsel.
Jomer Flores (Rabbit Ragia) *won* vs. Timothy Vivit (Inzecter, standard?)
= I heard from Tim that Jomer got plenty of outs to his faceup Decrees, gg.
Edsel Gozon (Inzecter) *won* vs. Kent Dino (TG Agent)
= I started strong in Game 1 and controlled. Game 2 I kept on drawing Hornets and no other Inzects and got beat by TGs. Game 3 I took a lot of punishment from his side deck cards such as DD Crow, Veiler, and Crack from the Different Dimension. A pinch mill of Hornet by Card Trooper opened my Inzecter plays and won the duel. Found out that he had 2 Shine Balls and no Agents in his draws thats why he wasnt able to apply pressure even though I got hit by plenty of banish stuff.

Top 4 pairings (unintentional, but the matchups were surprising, ^^)

William Sy (Six Samurai) *won* vs. Alvin Lim (TG Agent)
= Battle of champions! William and Alvin are both National and Asian Champions for 2010 and 2011. Game 1, William's mained Maxx C and Veiler won him control. Game 2 it was payback of Alvin's Maxx C and it generated the advantage for the win. Game 3, a top of Heavy Storm by William made way for his swarm.

Edsel Gozon (Inzecter) *won* vs. Jomer Flores (Rabbit Ragia)
= Battle of 2010 and 2011 Champion Team members! Game 1 he used Dustshoot on me. Game 2 I used Dustshoot on him! Lucky payback, lol. Haha. Game 3 was very nerve-wracking. We went into top decking mode with him at 6000+ LP while I had 250 LP left. His cards were only a faceup Guaiba and a set card while I had a Hornet in hand and none in grave with all my Damsels banished (courtesy of Chain Dis) and Centipedes graved. I top draw.... Giga-Mantis!!! I contemplate if I will attack his Guaiba since I'm afraid I might get Prisoned. I decided to attack and it connected! Yeah! Hornet/Mantis continued to attack through his Holy Lance (which prevented the damage from 1 attack of mine) and bluff set cards (found out they were Macro Cosmos and Dustshoot) and eventually he scooped. Wew! Great game Jomer! ^^


Edsel Gozon (Inzecter) *won* vs. William Sy (Six Samurai)
= Now it's time for team mates to face off! Im proud to see us meet in the finals. Go Team 3DS! :D
I started with Hornet f/d and 2 sets. He set a monster and 2 cards too. I summoned Damsel and he lets it go. I activate my f/d Foolish Burial to send another hornet to GY and activated Damsel. It got Veiler'd and I equipped it with Mantis to attack his f/d Kageki. Proceeded to control from there. Game 2 his Zanji went through my Snowman Eaters and Rykos. He got Enishi and I scooped as I didnt have anything left. Game 3 I started with 3 cards set. He responded with 4 cards set and at EP I flip my Decree. My turn I summoned Centipede and activated its effect. He activated Shadow Mirror and chained MST to destroy my Decree. I made Zenmaines the next turn and beat his LP down with it. It turned out he drew too much Veilers and stuff. Too many sided cards, imo. 

I think tomorrow eve I'll post some videos that Wslasher recorded as feature matches from Day 1 and Day 2.

Well, I'll end this post with this guys... I'm getting tired now as its almost 3am here. =.=

Thanks for reading guys! Wish me luck at Asia Championships!


  1. Hey! Congrats on winning! See you in Singapore soon!

  2. Sir, congrats! Good luck in SG!

  3. Congrats man! I too was curious by your earlier post "the build works". Now I know what it means. Goodluck!

  4. Congratulations on winning! :)

  5. really wish I'm good enough to say "lets meet in Singapore!"

  6. Thanks everyone! ^^

    Yeah, Karlo and I kept on saying "the build works" that I dont know if other ppl can understand. :D

    You wont know that until your Qualifiers there come :D
    Good luck to you too.

  7. Wish you luck at Singapore! Teh Edsel man pawns!