Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flash News: Konami f*cks us again!

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Its so surprising when I titled my last post as "Flamers come" then a few minutes pass I get this news...
This a photo from the Konami Asia site (link above) showing a list of "Seeded" players for the upcoming Asian Championships 2012. Afaik, "seeded" means "invited." Meaning, these guys get a free invite to the Asian Championships in SG? Bypassing the qualifier tournament? Wow

This is good news right? Because Konami is giving away free "seed" positions.

But wait, who were chosen?

Oh, the first two persons are the Top 1 and Top 2 persons for the Division A of the Zexal Ranking.
Obviously, they should be given invites and they deserve it.

But wait! The next persons are not from Division A! They're all from Division B, C, and D!!!
Why do they get the free invites and not those in Div. A?

I remember when Konami announced the new Zexal Ranking system they wanted the players to reach Division A because they will be given special privileges. Here's a few quotations from Konami FAQ:

Q: Will this ranking system be use to get special invites for prestige event(s)?
A: Yes
Q: So does that mean players in "Division Duel Monsters" cannot get invites to Asian Championship Qualifiers?
A: Yes, so try your best to keep your division in Divison GX (C) ,5D's (B) and ZEXAL (A) before the "play-off" game mode start.
So Konami, what happened? Why just pick 2 from each division? Why give invites for B, C, and D when there are still persons above them? Why give 4 invites to "Division D - Duel Monsters" when you said they cannot get invites?

There's lots of questions to answer. Konami just put a list on their site without any explanation of what is happening. Hopefully, this isn't made by them just to troll us.


  1. Uhm, I believe those players are seeded for their respective countries' qualifiers.

  2. Yeah, there's an announcement to us that these seeded players are "inserted" into the Swiss/Elimination tournament after every each round. Its just disappointing they opted to let B, C, and D players get the chance to get seeded instead of those in A.

  3. It's to give chance to those who participate every week and scrub.

    And I lucksacked for my seeded position lol

    I joined like 3-4 ranking to feed points to friends and I got seeded at the last place of Rank D XD

  4. Wow lucky you. At least they could have made more invites for Rank A players, lol.

    Your good karma (gave points to peeps) netted you greater good karma (seeded in last D), XD

  5. I think the reason is konami wants to give people fighting chance, and they choose people randomly OOOOO. Konami won't really waste time to send people to watch tournaments in local shops