Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1 of Asia Champs / Philippine Qualifier

Here's a short update of what occurred earlier today in the Philippine Qualifiers for Asia Championships 2012!

As I have mentioned before in my post, the tournament format is made complicated again by Konami and is as follows:

Round 1-4
This was a Swiss-format tournament of two groups. The 80 unseeded players are equally divided into 2 groups. At the end of the 4th round, the Top 16 players of each group (for a total of 32 players) are taken and they will advance to the next round.

Round 5
32 players + 4 seeded Rank D players = 36 players
They are randomly paired and played Single Eliminations.

Round 6
18 players + 2 seeded Rank C players = 20 players
Again, randomly paired and eliminations.

Round 7
10 players + 2 seeded Rank B players = 12 players
Same format as previous round. This was the last round for Day 1 and is the most critical of all since this round determined who will come back for Day 2. (wow, YCS? haha)

Tomorrow (or strictly, later this afternoon) is Day 2 of the tournament where the top 2 players of the Philippines that were seeded will join the matches. All rounds will be of random pairing and single elimination matches and the format will be as follows:

Round 8
6 players + 2 seeded Rank A players = 8 players

Semis... then Finals!

The players that will face the gauntlet tomorrow are:

Top 8
Alvin Lim (Rank A seed)
William "Wslasher" Sy (Rank A seed)
Timothy Vivit (Rank B seed)
Karlo Luigi Bonillo (Rank C seed)
Jomer Flores
Kent Dino
Jeff Legarda
Edsel Gozon (me!) :D

Nice lineup! I'm expecting tmr will be a very stressful and long day as most of the players in the top8 are seasoned veterans and each having their own achievements -- we have 2 Philippine Worlds and Asian Champions, 2 members of the 2011 Asia Team Tournament Champion, and 1 member of 2010 Asia Team Philippines! I hope my good luck doesn't wear out :))

btw, one of the players in the top 8 was running a rogue deck that anyone wouldn't expect to see top. Haha, surprising and impressive showing! Congrats!

That's all for tonight! Wish me luck for Day 2!


I just want to say... "the build works!!!!!" haha! << tagged to Karlo Bonillo :))

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  1. Good job in getting into the top8, well, with your experience in the game, this comes as no surprise thou.

    Good luck in Day2