Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best cards of 2011

Here's my list of 10 cards that imo defined the TCG meta of 2011. This is a response to PJ Tierney's post here:

Best TCG cards of 2011:

1. Tour Guide of the Underworld
Remember when detaching a Xyz material in TCG activated the effects of monsters such as Sangan? Tour Guide soared into the three-digit price because of this broken ruling by Kevin Tewart.

2. Reborn Tengu
Tour Guide's predecessor. TCG-land was the happiest place to play Plant decks.

3. T.G. Hyper Librarian
Although late to arrive in the TCG, clearly one of the defining cards of this year earning a R1 status.

4. Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
Shi En was the cause of the infamous "dice roll matchup." Locking down the opponent with the multiple Solemn Warnings set.

5. Master Hyperion

Dark Armed Dragon was put to Limited for a good reason. Hyperion, the "Light Armed Dragon," goes down out of nowhere to OTK you when up against Agents.

6. T.G. Warwolf
TG monsters wouldn't be that successful without this card. DARK, spammable, and a recruiter? This is why TG is splashable to almost any deck

7. Leviair the Sea Dragon

Another card that is now a staple in Extra decks. Banished cards go back because of this.

8. Rescue Rabbit
9. Evolzar Laggia
10. Evolzar Dolkka 

The most recent addition to the TCG meta. Rabbit = 1-card-walking-Solemn-Judgment OR 1-card-walking-double-Divine-Wraths

How about you? What's your own list of best 2011 cards? ^^


  1. LOL @Leviair and Warwolf. Also, I don't think the Evolzar monsters should be listed since they wouldn't see much play if Rabbit didn't exist

  2. But Rabbit also wouldn't see play if it weren't for Laggia and Dolkka. lol :D

  3. I think Rabbit would stiil see play since it is a one card Xyz that can be splashed in HERO, Saber, GB, Verz, and so on