Wednesday, December 14, 2011

T-Report: Local Open 12/11/11

Got time to play at a local shop at Marketplace Mall, Mandaluyong City.
Simple 12-man tournament with a 4-round Swiss with Top 4 cut.

Open tournament. All cards are legal.

Deck Used: Wind-Up Inzecter (Asia-format)

Round1: vs. Anti-meta 0-x-0
G1 = Zenmai loop burned his hand.
G2 = Banisher of the Radiance on his field locked me out of any of my monster effects. Tried to summon Revise Dragon but died to BTH. He showed me that he also had Warning and Solemn Judgment set. wew
G3 = Snowman Eater (sided) survived and started Zenmai loop as I had Royal Decree up. Dumped his hand and summoned Leviair to summon an Inzecter.
Standings: 1-0

Round2: vs. Lightlord 0-0-
G1 = He went 1st and went CotLB... milled 1 Wulf... summoned Lumina + Garoth and ended. Milled Gardnas. Wow. I set Hunter, Torrential and Solemn. He summoned Lyla and I use Torrential. My turn I did Damsel combo to destroy my Solemn (he had no field), proceed to do Zenmai loop and dumped his imbal hand cards: Dark Hole, BLS, Monster Reincarnation. He wasn't able to top deck a JD. haha
G2 = He went 1st and summoned a Lyla. I activate Foolish Burial then Dimensional Fissure, did Damsel combo and proceeded to do Zenmai loop. Half his hand went to RFG. gg
Standing: 2-0

Round3: vs. Agent Herald x-0-x
G1 = 1st turn Perfect Herald. troolll
G2 = He got Herald again in def. Managed to set a Damsel and it survived until my next turn. Summoned Centipede and he didn't got enough Fairies in hand to negate all of my monster effects.
G3 = 1st turn Perfect Herald with Gantetsu. trollll.
Standing: 2-1

Round4: vs. Arrive Gladiator Beasts 0-0-
G1 = Herak 1st turn. Noticing everyone is summoning their Boss monsters in 1st turn except me. lol. Lucky me he didn't have enough negaters for all my monster effects and he didnt have any backrow. He only had 1 Veiler in hand.
G2 = Herak again... but this time he got something set.... I use MST on it to reveal Waboku. I proceeded to do Damsel combo + Zenmai loop. gg
Standing: 3-1

Since I only lost to the only 4-0 guy, I went into Final 4.

Top 4: vs. Merix (Tengu Junk Doppel) x-0-0
G1 = Summoned Hunter and used Instant Fusion; he chained Maxx C. I hate Junk Doppel decks when I'm using this deck coz they can main Veilers and Maxx Cs. Since Zenmai loop is senseless against Maxx C, I stopped, he farmed his advantage from there.
G2 = Got Damsel, Hornet, DFissure, BTH, MST, and Solemn (from Duality). Perfect hand and controlled from there.
G3 = He set a card, I used Damsel to destroy it and it was Sangan. He fetched Veiler. Proceeded to summon Centipede and attacked. Made a Zenmaighty to lure out the inevitable Veiler. Few turns passed and he got to flip Ryko but didnt destroy my DFissure. Then he got his Kycoo to remove both my only Hornets in GY. Stalled with a set Damsel (1800 DEF) and Chain Disappearance to take care of Dandy and Trooper. From there I got to draw Gigamantis and used that to equip Damsel to attack Kycoo. Won from there.

Funny the Agent Herald user lost in his Top 4 match. Again, Curse of a Perfect Swiss ate another soul. :))

Finals: vs. Miko (Offering Machina Gadget) 0-0-
G1 = He set 1 backrow. I had a possible Damsel into Zenmai loop but I also had Solemn and BTH in hand. So I just set Hunter and set BTH and Solemn. He summons Cydra and a Gearframe and attacked. My turn I went ahead to do the Damsel + Zenmai cheat. ^^
G2 = He set 2 backrow cards only. I set Greenkappa. He summons Cydra again and a Gadget and attacked. I destroyed his set Warning and Torrential. Those two cards were important since he didn't have counters to my combo next turn. My turn his field and hand were all destroyed. Cheat again, haha. Miko hates me now. Haha.

Final Result: 1st place! Nice! 1st actual tournament using my Wind-up Inzecters and it was great. I only hand the chance to play this deck in Dueling Network before and I dont trust how I draw cards there.

My build is Asia-format-friendly but it still won against decks with promo cards. Of course, one consideration is that the matchups were not that hard except for the Junk Doppel guy. All Agent decks except the Herald lost in Swiss.

Noticed something different? Card names on this tournament report are colored the same way as the cards themselves (Monster, Spell, Trap, Xyz/Synchro, Fusion). Took this idea from how LFN makes his t-reports. They're cool imo. What do you think? Should I use colors or not?


Gold Series 2012 roster is sooooooooooooo good.
Although personally I dont like Duality to get reprinted, but that is inevitable. Hopefully it and BLS don't become commons (not NR) because that would likely be a sign of them getting hit hard by the March bans (just like what happened with CCV).

*Woot! Zenmaines and Armageddon Knight! Zenmaines is a nice addition to the Asia-format family! Hooray also since I wont need to borrow my friend's Armageddon Knight anymore. Yeah!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So far, i've only faced one player who uses Zenmaighty. and it was just on DN. Would really love to se it in action personally, Cause DN deck shuffling system is broke.

  2. IRL, the deck is still broke. Haha, not much difference when playing in DN.