Sunday, December 18, 2011

Congrats Team Philippines! Photos up!

Just got back home from a big year-end tournament and was planning to make a tournament report about it; but, that can wait till tomorrow because there is bigger news to tell! 

Congratulations to 
Rey Vincent Lim (left), Karlo Bonillo (mid), and Jomer Flores (right) 
for winning the 2011 Asia Plus Team Tournament! 

2011 Asia+ Champion: Philippines

Btw, I was not at the event and these photos are courtesy of Mr. Sherjack Siao (our official shop owner, top left) who was uploading photos while in the tournament. Here are some more photos from him...

2011 Asia+ Tournament Participants
Here's a roster of all the participants in the tournament. Popular names are Malaysia's Sung Lee and Singapore's William Oh and Daniel Ang. There's no argument that it was a tournament full of pro players.

Philippines' Bracket

So the tournament system used by Konami for this year's tournament is the same as last year's. There's lots of complaints back in 2010 about this system but it looks like this will be the permanent system for Asia Plus Tournaments in the future too.

Tournament Rules and Game Mode
Score Computations
Trump Card Mechanics
Here's a pic of the tournament rules and game mode of the previous 2010 Asia Plus Tournament. More or less, the rules for this year will be the same as last year's.

The tournament is participated by 8 teams and will be divided into two divisions by drawing lots. Now, each division will have a round robin tournament and the top team of each division will face off in the championships. This year, Philippines is in the same division as Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Round1: vs. Singapore!
Round 1 is against Team Singapore! They are one of the crowd favorites in winning the tournament. However, Philippines got to win in a score of 3-0!
PH Leader: 2-1 (score gained = 1pt)
PH Member A: 2-1 (score gained = 1 pt)
PH Member B: 2-1 (score gained = 1 pt)
Team Total Score: 3 pts!

Round2: vs. Thailand
With a good start from last round, the next is against Thailand. Thailand uses their Trump Card to increase their score gain and they won 1-2!
PH Leader: 2-1 (score gained = 1pt)
PH Member A: 1-2 (score gained = 0 pt)
PH Member B: 1-2 (score gained = 0 pt)
Team Total Score: 4 pts!

Round3: vs. Taiwan!
Critical round! Philippines and Taiwan battle it out to determine which team will face against Malaysia in the championships! Taiwan is undefeated and is leading in the division but Philippines uses their Trump Card to try and steal the top spot! Philippines won and benefited greatly from their Trump Card!
PH Leader: 2-1 (score gained = 1pt x 1.25 = 1.25 pts)
PH Member A: 1-2 (score gained = 0 pt x 1.25 = 0 pt)
PH Member B: 2-0 (score gained = 2 pts x 1.25 = 2.50 pts!)
Team Total Score: 7.75 pts!

Philippines (7.75 pts) has won in their division and is off to face against Malaysia (13.75 pts!!!) in the Championships!

Championships: Malaysia vs Philippines
Dont have details on results on each matchup but overall the Philippines won the 2011 Asia Plus Team Tournament! Congratulations again!

Today (Sunday), the 2011 Top Shop Tournament will be held at about 4:00pm. The Philippine representative is Rey Vincent Lim also and let's hope he can also take home the championships!


  1. Can't believe they recycled the thrash format from last year.

  2. Konami proves to be stubborn on their tournament mechanics. Maybe they thought there were no complaints back then? But I'm sure there are some who voiced out in their KOnami OCG forum.