Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Year-end Showdown! Asia-Format 12/17/11

Before the tournament report, I would like to congratulate Rey Vincent Lim for getting 2nd Place at the 2011 Top Shop Championships held yesterday! Congrats to you and the 2011 Philippine Team!

Last Saturday, the official shop decided to hold a Year-end tournament since that Saturday (12/17) is probably the last day of the year where players would flock the official store since next Saturday is already 12/24 and most would be busy preparing for Christmas celebration.

It was also decided that the format would be the same as the Konami Ranking tournaments. Another note is that there would be two tournaments. One will start at noon with 32 players... the other will start after the 1st finishes with 16 or 32 players depending on registration. That means there will be two winners that day. The two winners will battle for an additional prize donated by the head judge.

Pod1: Asia-Format, Single Eliminations
Participants: 32 (5 rounds)
Deck Used: Wind-Up Inzecters

Round1: vs. Tony (Karakuri) 0-x-x
G1 = Dumped his hand.
G2 = Drew 2x Rats, 2x Damsels, and 2x Chain Disappearance. omg, was I stacked? Was able to use Chain Disappearance on his Male-tuner but got beat-downed coz I wasn't able to set up a Hornet.
G3 = Drew 2x Rats again wtf with a Damsel and Hornet. Set Chain Disappearance and a CotH. Then, I got wiped by Heavy Storm and summoned the 1700 Karakuri and he set 3 cards: Solemn Warning, BTH, and Solemn Judgment. Cant do anything against those. >_<

Result: So I scrubbed the first tournament... lol, 1st round dropout. Wslasher also dropped early so went to go have lunch. We played abit and my draws always had 2x Rat no matter how I shuffle!!! Crazy luck today with Wind-Ups so I decided to play the next tournament with just Inzecters.

BTW, here's a video (courtesy of Wslasher) of the finals in the 1st tournament.

Alvin Lim (TG Agent) vs. Jag Tan (Wind-up Inzecter) 
Finals - Game1

Alvin Lim (TG Agent) vs. Jag Tan (Wind-up Inzecter) 
Finals - Game2

Congratulations to Alvin Lim with TG Agents for winning the 1st tournament!

1st Place: Alvin Lim (TG Agent)
2nd Place: Jag Tan (Wind-Up Inzecter)
Let's move on to the next tournament!

Pod2: Asia-Format, Single Eliminations
Participants: 16 (4 rounds)
Deck Used: Inzecters

Round1: vs. Agent Angel  0-x-0
G1 = OTK'd him with a Damsel with Heart of Clear, Hornet, and Gigamantis.
G2 = Sided in Dimensional Fissures but didnt draw them. One Inzecter got Veiler'd, I used CotH for another one but it got negated by Orange Light, lol. Negate much? He had Cyber Dragons and Venus to beat me down.
G3 = No Fissures again =( . Again same plays, he used Veiler and Orange Light against my monsters. Ahead in card advantage, I was able to pull off another Inzecter next turn to take care of his Jupiter and Kristya.

Round2: vs. Cedric (Agent Angel) 0-0-
G1 = Good draws and no Orange Light easily lead to OTK.
G2 = He had an Earth and a f/d card. Drew Heavy Storm, Dim Fissure, Damsel, Foolish Burial, Trap Dustshoot, and Solemn Judgment!!! God draw? The Dim Fissure left his Orange Light and Hyperion in hand dead.

Round3: vs. Rampy (Agent Angel) x-0-0
G1 = He drew godly and OTK'd me with Holy Wyvern, 2 Hyperions and a BLS.
G2 = He drew Holy Wyvern along his first 6 cards so we went ahead to Game 3. Yey.
G3 = Again he made the same move as G1. 1st turn he made Venus+Gantetsu, set a card, ended. I set Hornet, Torrential, and CoTH. His turn he summoned Breaker and I used Torrential. Cant remember what happened next but I know I was able to OTK him using Damsels and the CotH I set earlier.

Finals: vs. Chan (Graveyard Black Feather) 0-x-0

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Christian Discipulo (Graveyard BF) 
Finals - Game1

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Christian Discipulo (Graveyard BF) 
Finals - Game2 part 1

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Christian Discipulo (Graveyard BF) 
Finals - Game2 part2

Wslasher hasn't uploaded game 3 yet due to technical problems.

G3 = Drew godly again! I had Centipede, Hornet, Dim Fissure, Torrential, Solemn Judg, and Trap Dustshoot! Pitted all of those on my field and his turn I saw his hand I knew most his cards were dead against Dim Fissure so it was control from there. He top drew Duality but it showed him Veiler, Crow, and Armageddon Knight. Haha, fail xD

Result: 1st Place! I won a couple of packs full on "noteworthy" cards except Hornet. fail. Also noticed that before the finals, everyone I fought was using Agents!!! Wew.

1st Place: *ME*  (Inzecter)
2nd Place: Chan Discipulo (Graveyard BF)

But it doesn't end there! Alvin Lim and I will duel it out too!

Extra Round: vs. Alvin Lim (TG Agent) x-0-x
I think Wslasher recorded the duel on video. I cant remember that much except the time I won even though I misplayed and left him 300 LP. Luckily he wasn't able to draw a counter attack. Last thing I remember was when I lost to his OTK of Android, Brili-ant, Gantetsu, and BLS.

So that's it! Still wasn't able to beat Alvin Lim again. >_< Will try again next time, haha, most probably it will be next year. Maybe I could make it one of my new year resolutions? haha.

Noticed that Torrential tribute doesn't mix well with Inzecters. Was that only today or do most ppl think so too? Will fix up the Wind-Up Inzecter build, hopefully next week I wont have to draw 2x Rats anymore.

Thanks for reading!

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