Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update for my last post: New videos up!

In my last post I said that Wslasher had recorded videos of the final matches but it wasn't uploaded yet when I posted the tournament report.

Here's a link to the whole tournament report for the Year-end Showdown

He's done with the editing and uploading so here are the other videos missing...

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Christian Discipulo (Graveyard BF) 
Finals - Game3

I saw lots of misplays on my part in this video... one is I used MST on his f/d card even though I know (from Dustshoot) that is probably his own MST. Another is my decision to destroy my own Centipede just to trigger Damsel's effect to summon another Centipede from deck. I should have just destroyed my f/d Torrential since it is useless at the moment and since I know he can't outswarm me. >_< Need more practice and need to learn to not get distracted easily by spectators.

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Alvin Lim (TG Agent) 
Overall Final - Game1

omg, I can't believe my misplays here were so many!!! >_< I'm ashamed.. The first bad move was when I used Armaknight just to dump a Damsel then CoTH for it. Should have realized the 1st trap was a REAL trap. Luckily I had another Damsel to pop. Then the last misplay was when I failed to OTK him. Should really have calculated everything before attacking... sigh.. 

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Alvin Lim (TG Agent) 
Overall Final - Game2

Edsel Gozon (Inzecters) vs. Alvin Lim (TG Agent) 
Overall Final - Game3

(cant embed the video for some reason so here's a link to it... 

Drew 2x Heart of Clears in this game... Him drawing Storm just sealed my loss too. Cant do anything there.

So all in all, the cards that were "hard" to use and wasn't helpful all the time were:
= Torrential Tribute
= Heart of Clear Water
= Book of Moon
= Armageddon Knight (a bit)

With this, I may have space in the deck to put in new cards to try such as PWWB/Raigeki Break, etc.
Also, I need to fix this so the deck is Wind-up Inzecters... not just Inzecters. Need to practice hard for Asia 2012. >_<

That concludes the update. Thanks for reading!

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